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Pirate Terror Continues – But is it Only the Pirates We Must Fear?

Black Molly-2

Black Molly, Guilty of Treason and Conspiracy.  Sentenced to Execution.

The toll taken by the Aradian pirates has been a harsh one.  One that was dealt with in even harsher measures.  Stormstead citizens met on Tuesday to watch justice be served and then watched in shocked horror as Stormstead’s Guard provided armed protection while the Captain of the Guard tortured and killed the pirate hostage.  What has been billed as an execution to serve justice, turned into a bloodthirsty spectacle.

Sage Advice Raid-10_001

Battle Scene in front of Sage Advice

The pirates have taken prisoners and attacked and stolen from businesses. We were lucky to get our own Governor back.  But what of the others?  We know Lady Ornith was taken during the attack against Sage Advice.  This was a savage battle that engulfed the area near the apothecary and the Mystfolk Mound.  An enraged bear entered into the fray adding even more confusion.  But in the end?  All the pirates were dead save for the one which escaped with Ornith.  The quiet-spoken elven woman is known throughout the island for her kindness and healing capabilities as well as her knowledge of plantlife and herbs.  Ornith was not only the proprietor of Sage Advice but had also helped many through her service to the Medica and the bookstore.  Her loss is felt heavily.  Her friends and allies deeply worried.


Ornith, Sage Advice Proprietor Abducted by Pirates

Another who has gone missing is Adrianne Parkin, proprietor of the Gnome Depot.   Was she taken as well? She has not been seen since the pirates looted the Depot getting away with two boatloads of hard-to-obtain goods and severely depleting the store’s stock.   Rumors continue to circulate, we all wonder and fear.  Where are the pirates and what is to happen next?

This reporter does not know the future.  Everyone is poised for another attack.  Fear is in the air.  And tensions in the village are high. People are wary even of each other.  Have the pirates left the area?   Will we ever see those who have been taken again?  What has happened to our own form of justice here within the village?  Can we trust those that wield the power?  It is apparent we have far greater problems to solve than what has been presented with the pirates.  We will have to wait to see how it plays out.

— Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Pirate Guilty! Conspiracy and Treachery!

To the people of Stormstead, and defenders of justice and law,

There holds a crew of pirates, wicked and ill-disposed people, that do against the laws of the village. They have committed many and great piracies, robberies, and depredations. Their actions have become a hindrance to trade, while placing many in great danger and have caused our fair village much pain.  Should you find of them, upon the sea shores, upon their vessels or within the village, with stolen goods upon them or on their ships, I give authority to seize them so they may be proceeded against according to the laws of the village. You will find great reward and doing so.


Pirate Warning!  

We have already came to capture one of their lot, by the name of Black Molly. She has been held within the Stormstead jail since that time. Trial has been foregone.  Molly has been found guilty of the highest crimes against Stormstead and her people.

Black Molly’s crimes stand as Conspiracy and Treachery.
Her punishment is death.

Black Molly will be executed by the hands of Guard Captain Valkyrie by the decree of the Stormstead council for the Sever Crimes against Stormstead on Tuesday, April 26.
Location: Fish Market Dock  below the Bath House.
Time: 6-hours past the noon sun.

Pirates beware, your time will be next.
Governor Jil

Submitted OOCLy by Jens IxChel

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Village Angered at Continued Pirate Attacks

Our Governor was taken.  Blood has been spilled.  Bodies have collected – both on the beach and within the village itself.  Where will it end?  

Pirate violence and mayhem has landed in Eyr!  So much has happened this reporter scarce knows where to begin.

  1.  Governor Jil has been returned alive.  He is wounded and sick but now able to move about.
  2. Hostage swap resulted in a pirate battle on the beach.  Two pirates dead and one in custody.
  3. Pirates staged a robbery against Gnome Depot, getting away with goods but losing their lives.  Three pirates slain in the attack.
Pirate Exchange-2.crop

Pirates Roaming the Docks

It all began over a week ago when Governor Jil was gravely wounded in an Ebon Reach tournament and then abducted by pirates.   Valkyrie, Acting as Stormstead Governor, negotiated a hostage swap with the pirates.  Her strategy proved successful.  Jil was returned, injured and sick, but alive.  Of that we are most thankful.  Black Molly, one of the pirates suspected to be involved with the kidnapping, is in custody.  Her two companions are dead after having attempted to battle Aima and Valkyrie on the beach. Two others escaped..

Pirate Exchange-9.crop

Blood on the Beach

One would hope that would have been a warning to the pirates.  But apparently they are a stubbornly stupid lot.  Or simply incredibly vicious.

Just this afternoon – a scant 24-hours later – pirates attack again.  This time targeting Gnome Depot. Depot owner Adrianne Parkin acted swiftly and wisely, at first acquiescing to the demands but in actually biding her time. The pirates’ bad luck started when she delivered the burly fellow a squirt to the eyes from a freshly sliced lemon.  A wolf attack and a flood of villagers ensued after Wanton Aime raised a timely alarm.  The pirates were overwhelmed by sheer number, succumbing after a fierce battle that raged from the Depot down to the Craft docks.  Bloodstains are once again in evidence.

Gnome Depot Raid-4_001.crop

Pirates attempt to flee Unsuccessful!

The pirate heads are to serve as an example.   The bodies fed to the sharks even as their clothing and valuables redistributed amongst the villagers.  Though seemingly brutal it seemed a just and deserved ending.

What happens next?   Gnome Depot is severely depleted of supplies.  Pirates were able to abscond with their goods.  Those in the boats apparently rowing away even as their companions were being brought down.  And one pirate remains yet in custody.  Will we have more attacks?  We can only hope this last attack will drive them to prey in easier waters.


Gnome Depot Raid-8_001.crop

Beheaded, Belittled, and Fed to the Sharks.   Pirate valuables will decorate the villagers while their heads now decorate Pikes.



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Crone’s Eye: Under “Naga” Management

The-Crones-Eye-Magic-ShoppeKala is the naga’s name and she has been about Eyr for longer than most can imagine.   Her shadowy dark figure, harsh rasping slither and strident hissing tones are known to many.  Most avoid her for her temper and her opinions against the Villagers are widely known.  But then again Kala has no shortage of opinions on anyone or anything.  But her authenticity and dedication to magic cannot be questioned.   Nagas are known for this and she is pure naga.

“The ‘Eye is mine.   The Reachers have no hold here.  Most fools have no knowledge of real magics.  They hide behind their swirls of pretty color and petty deeds.  What the Crone holds is deep and I control it.  And I will not allow interference.  I will reign here until Graine speaks again.  Bring to me your trivial requests, your objects, your artifacts and will see them done right.”

The employees at Crone’s Eye have been at a loss without a leader though many were horrified to learn that Braeden was an imposter – he was not the owner of the Crone’s Eye.  In fact he was none other than the Necrowolf himself, Malorum.  Mal’s identity was revealed during a magical tournament hosted by the Crone’s Eye.  Many feel Mal had been toying with people and using his position within the ‘Eye to gain information. On this Kala would not comment, only railed again.

“Magic is to magic and magic serves magic.  None other.  Your requests will be held confidential.  Information will not be shared.  I have spoken.  None would try to thwart me in this and my staff is loyal.  So bring me your orders and prove yourself worthy.  You will not be disappointed.”


The Crone’s Eye:  Naga House – Naga Rules.   Kala Reigns Supreme

Submitted ICly by anonymous Crone’s Eye Messenger

Submitted OOCly by Blance Fralto

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Pirate Woman Jailed on Suspicion


Captain Valkyrie – Acting Stormstead Governor

The Governor remains missing and no word or information of his well being has been found.  Valkyrie, Stormstead’s Captain, remains acting as Governor in his absence.

However, Stormstead now has an ace.  Or at least a pirate that can hold accountable.  One that Valkyrie is not likely to let slip through her fingers.

Bonnie, the peglegged pirate woman charged with abducting Governor Jil,  is now residing in the comforts of Stormstead’s own guardhouse cage. The pirate damsel vehemently denies any and all claims her.  Her pirate companions also deny culpability.

“Ye all are cruel…Especially that one…” With that statement Bonnie pointed at Aima, one of the newly appointed guards of Stormstead and the party responsible for arresting Bonnie. It was also Aima who alerted Valkyrie to the presence of pirates in ambush outside the guardhouse.   “Heartless and cruel..I better be treated fairly and impartially..Otherwise I see no reason to be here.  What Governor? Who ye speaking of? I will not comply until I get me leg back..You stole my child you cold hearted fiend!”  With that Bonnie lapsed into a fantastical story of her child’s ashes being stored in in her ‘peg’ which had been taken to hinder any possible escape attempts..


Stormstead Justice – Deprived of her peg and unable to stand, Bonnie remains in her cell.

Bonnie’s burly pirate companion was quick to deny any involvement  as was the third dark companion.  “Look, Missus… we are humble pirates, aye. Bu’, we aren’t the crew you be lookin’ for, see.  D’ya know how many pirate women ‘ave pegs few legs? Do ya know what the harlot’s pox /do/ to a lassie at port? Yar gon’ need more description than that – dun trow us in with your politics.”

Stormstead’s Quartermaster, Kel’iah, remains unreachable at this time due to the head wounds suffered at the time of the attack.  Released from the Medica, it is believed she has returned to the healing qualities of the ocean to complete her recovery.  She is the only eyewitness known to have been present for the actual abduction – other than the pirates themselves.  Is there truth in Bonnie’s claims of innocence?  Doubtful.  But we are a village of laws so proof must be provided.

Stormstead Guard Captain Valkyrie seemed content with Bonnie’s arrest and the charges against her.  Bonnie’s two shipmates struck a deal and were allowed to depart upon the promise of obtaining information about Stormstead’s missing governor.   With luck and the leverage of their partner in jail, it is hoped the two may help in tracking down the Governor’s location and provide for his safe return.

Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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Governor Jil Abducted by Pirates!

Pirates have returned to Eyr!


Stormstead Quartermaster Kel’iah

Stormstead’s Quartermaster lies gravely injured in the Medica this morning after an apparent assault and kidnapping carried out after the Ebon Reach Tournament.  Governor Jil has been taken!  

Pirates have returned to Eyr’s shores!  

Kel’iah was obviously addled after having suffered a severe head wound.  But addled or not, the Mer Cleric had been at the Governor’s side when the attack occurred and was able to provide me with the following information.  


“We went to the market in the mountain. There was a tournament there. Faces…strangers…Aradian, one painted in black. A woman with a wooden leg…a small lady…Maybe Pirates. Maybe slave traders. One of them, a woman, hit me good. And Jil..his throat was bleeding…”

Governor Jil

Governor Jil

A simple violent robbery would have been preferred over this.  News of a kidnapping is far more alarming.  Not only do we not know where their ship is anchored but we also do not know the fate of the Governor.  A throat wound would have been quite serious.  I would beseech the Mer in assistance with this task.  If not for the Governor but for Kel’iah herself.  The Mer herself is distraught over all that has happened and will need time to heal.  Before she drifted off into troubled slumber she went on to state: 

“But they carried him away…away to boats. Said they were helping, but took me by surprise. Ship on the moore, ship in the sea…alert the mer…find them.”

Stormstead concil has been alerted. The Governor’s residence has been searched.  There has been no sign or sightings of him since he was last seen late last night.  In the meantime I urge all citizens of Eyr to be alert and ever watchful.  Guard your properties and keep an eye to the waterways.  

Anyone having further information is encouraged to step forward to speak with our own Stormstead Captain Valkyrie who will be helping to lead the efforts in tracking down the perpetrators.  

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

OOC Submission by Blanche Fralto


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