Governor Jil Abducted by Pirates!

Pirates have returned to Eyr!


Stormstead Quartermaster Kel’iah

Stormstead’s Quartermaster lies gravely injured in the Medica this morning after an apparent assault and kidnapping carried out after the Ebon Reach Tournament.  Governor Jil has been taken!  

Pirates have returned to Eyr’s shores!  

Kel’iah was obviously addled after having suffered a severe head wound.  But addled or not, the Mer Cleric had been at the Governor’s side when the attack occurred and was able to provide me with the following information.  


“We went to the market in the mountain. There was a tournament there. Faces…strangers…Aradian, one painted in black. A woman with a wooden leg…a small lady…Maybe Pirates. Maybe slave traders. One of them, a woman, hit me good. And Jil..his throat was bleeding…”

Governor Jil

Governor Jil

A simple violent robbery would have been preferred over this.  News of a kidnapping is far more alarming.  Not only do we not know where their ship is anchored but we also do not know the fate of the Governor.  A throat wound would have been quite serious.  I would beseech the Mer in assistance with this task.  If not for the Governor but for Kel’iah herself.  The Mer herself is distraught over all that has happened and will need time to heal.  Before she drifted off into troubled slumber she went on to state: 

“But they carried him away…away to boats. Said they were helping, but took me by surprise. Ship on the moore, ship in the sea…alert the mer…find them.”

Stormstead concil has been alerted. The Governor’s residence has been searched.  There has been no sign or sightings of him since he was last seen late last night.  In the meantime I urge all citizens of Eyr to be alert and ever watchful.  Guard your properties and keep an eye to the waterways.  

Anyone having further information is encouraged to step forward to speak with our own Stormstead Captain Valkyrie who will be helping to lead the efforts in tracking down the perpetrators.  

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

OOC Submission by Blanche Fralto


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