Crone’s Eye: Under “Naga” Management

The-Crones-Eye-Magic-ShoppeKala is the naga’s name and she has been about Eyr for longer than most can imagine.   Her shadowy dark figure, harsh rasping slither and strident hissing tones are known to many.  Most avoid her for her temper and her opinions against the Villagers are widely known.  But then again Kala has no shortage of opinions on anyone or anything.  But her authenticity and dedication to magic cannot be questioned.   Nagas are known for this and she is pure naga.

“The ‘Eye is mine.   The Reachers have no hold here.  Most fools have no knowledge of real magics.  They hide behind their swirls of pretty color and petty deeds.  What the Crone holds is deep and I control it.  And I will not allow interference.  I will reign here until Graine speaks again.  Bring to me your trivial requests, your objects, your artifacts and will see them done right.”

The employees at Crone’s Eye have been at a loss without a leader though many were horrified to learn that Braeden was an imposter – he was not the owner of the Crone’s Eye.  In fact he was none other than the Necrowolf himself, Malorum.  Mal’s identity was revealed during a magical tournament hosted by the Crone’s Eye.  Many feel Mal had been toying with people and using his position within the ‘Eye to gain information. On this Kala would not comment, only railed again.

“Magic is to magic and magic serves magic.  None other.  Your requests will be held confidential.  Information will not be shared.  I have spoken.  None would try to thwart me in this and my staff is loyal.  So bring me your orders and prove yourself worthy.  You will not be disappointed.”


The Crone’s Eye:  Naga House – Naga Rules.   Kala Reigns Supreme

Submitted ICly by anonymous Crone’s Eye Messenger

Submitted OOCly by Blance Fralto

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