Pirate Woman Jailed on Suspicion


Captain Valkyrie – Acting Stormstead Governor

The Governor remains missing and no word or information of his well being has been found.  Valkyrie, Stormstead’s Captain, remains acting as Governor in his absence.

However, Stormstead now has an ace.  Or at least a pirate that can hold accountable.  One that Valkyrie is not likely to let slip through her fingers.

Bonnie, the peglegged pirate woman charged with abducting Governor Jil,  is now residing in the comforts of Stormstead’s own guardhouse cage. The pirate damsel vehemently denies any and all claims her.  Her pirate companions also deny culpability.

“Ye all are cruel…Especially that one…” With that statement Bonnie pointed at Aima, one of the newly appointed guards of Stormstead and the party responsible for arresting Bonnie. It was also Aima who alerted Valkyrie to the presence of pirates in ambush outside the guardhouse.   “Heartless and cruel..I better be treated fairly and impartially..Otherwise I see no reason to be here.  What Governor? Who ye speaking of? I will not comply until I get me leg back..You stole my child you cold hearted fiend!”  With that Bonnie lapsed into a fantastical story of her child’s ashes being stored in in her ‘peg’ which had been taken to hinder any possible escape attempts..


Stormstead Justice – Deprived of her peg and unable to stand, Bonnie remains in her cell.

Bonnie’s burly pirate companion was quick to deny any involvement  as was the third dark companion.  “Look, Missus… we are humble pirates, aye. Bu’, we aren’t the crew you be lookin’ for, see.  D’ya know how many pirate women ‘ave pegs few legs? Do ya know what the harlot’s pox /do/ to a lassie at port? Yar gon’ need more description than that – dun trow us in with your politics.”

Stormstead’s Quartermaster, Kel’iah, remains unreachable at this time due to the head wounds suffered at the time of the attack.  Released from the Medica, it is believed she has returned to the healing qualities of the ocean to complete her recovery.  She is the only eyewitness known to have been present for the actual abduction – other than the pirates themselves.  Is there truth in Bonnie’s claims of innocence?  Doubtful.  But we are a village of laws so proof must be provided.

Stormstead Guard Captain Valkyrie seemed content with Bonnie’s arrest and the charges against her.  Bonnie’s two shipmates struck a deal and were allowed to depart upon the promise of obtaining information about Stormstead’s missing governor.   With luck and the leverage of their partner in jail, it is hoped the two may help in tracking down the Governor’s location and provide for his safe return.

Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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