Village Angered at Continued Pirate Attacks

Our Governor was taken.  Blood has been spilled.  Bodies have collected – both on the beach and within the village itself.  Where will it end?  

Pirate violence and mayhem has landed in Eyr!  So much has happened this reporter scarce knows where to begin.

  1.  Governor Jil has been returned alive.  He is wounded and sick but now able to move about.
  2. Hostage swap resulted in a pirate battle on the beach.  Two pirates dead and one in custody.
  3. Pirates staged a robbery against Gnome Depot, getting away with goods but losing their lives.  Three pirates slain in the attack.
Pirate Exchange-2.crop

Pirates Roaming the Docks

It all began over a week ago when Governor Jil was gravely wounded in an Ebon Reach tournament and then abducted by pirates.   Valkyrie, Acting as Stormstead Governor, negotiated a hostage swap with the pirates.  Her strategy proved successful.  Jil was returned, injured and sick, but alive.  Of that we are most thankful.  Black Molly, one of the pirates suspected to be involved with the kidnapping, is in custody.  Her two companions are dead after having attempted to battle Aima and Valkyrie on the beach. Two others escaped..

Pirate Exchange-9.crop

Blood on the Beach

One would hope that would have been a warning to the pirates.  But apparently they are a stubbornly stupid lot.  Or simply incredibly vicious.

Just this afternoon – a scant 24-hours later – pirates attack again.  This time targeting Gnome Depot. Depot owner Adrianne Parkin acted swiftly and wisely, at first acquiescing to the demands but in actually biding her time. The pirates’ bad luck started when she delivered the burly fellow a squirt to the eyes from a freshly sliced lemon.  A wolf attack and a flood of villagers ensued after Wanton Aime raised a timely alarm.  The pirates were overwhelmed by sheer number, succumbing after a fierce battle that raged from the Depot down to the Craft docks.  Bloodstains are once again in evidence.

Gnome Depot Raid-4_001.crop

Pirates attempt to flee Unsuccessful!

The pirate heads are to serve as an example.   The bodies fed to the sharks even as their clothing and valuables redistributed amongst the villagers.  Though seemingly brutal it seemed a just and deserved ending.

What happens next?   Gnome Depot is severely depleted of supplies.  Pirates were able to abscond with their goods.  Those in the boats apparently rowing away even as their companions were being brought down.  And one pirate remains yet in custody.  Will we have more attacks?  We can only hope this last attack will drive them to prey in easier waters.


Gnome Depot Raid-8_001.crop

Beheaded, Belittled, and Fed to the Sharks.   Pirate valuables will decorate the villagers while their heads now decorate Pikes.



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