Pirate Guilty! Conspiracy and Treachery!

To the people of Stormstead, and defenders of justice and law,

There holds a crew of pirates, wicked and ill-disposed people, that do against the laws of the village. They have committed many and great piracies, robberies, and depredations. Their actions have become a hindrance to trade, while placing many in great danger and have caused our fair village much pain.  Should you find of them, upon the sea shores, upon their vessels or within the village, with stolen goods upon them or on their ships, I give authority to seize them so they may be proceeded against according to the laws of the village. You will find great reward and doing so.


Pirate Warning!  

We have already came to capture one of their lot, by the name of Black Molly. She has been held within the Stormstead jail since that time. Trial has been foregone.  Molly has been found guilty of the highest crimes against Stormstead and her people.

Black Molly’s crimes stand as Conspiracy and Treachery.
Her punishment is death.

Black Molly will be executed by the hands of Guard Captain Valkyrie by the decree of the Stormstead council for the Sever Crimes against Stormstead on Tuesday, April 26.
Location: Fish Market Dock  below the Bath House.
Time: 6-hours past the noon sun.

Pirates beware, your time will be next.
Governor Jil

Submitted OOCLy by Jens IxChel

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