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Stormstead Hosting Grand Tournament!

The Stormstead’s Grand Tournament to be held at 3 past the noon sun on Sunday, May 22.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-2Location will be at the stone circle directly outside of the Night Cap.

The Stormstead Tournament is open to /All/ of Eyr, regardless of affiliation to Stormstead, for both participation and spectating.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-1

Combat to Display Strength, Cunning, and Skill!

All participants should be prepared to suffer injury as this is a blood sport however the Stormstead Tournaments frown heavily upon intentionally striking to maim, mangle, or kill one’s opponent. All participants are expected to keep their attacks clean and strike with good intentions. Let us all come out of this alive and able to fight another day.  Fairness of participation will be ensured by vigilance and those acting overly aggressive may be asked to step out. It should remain an interesting attraction for all who witness it!

While this is to be done in traditional tournament style, the Stormstead Tournament is not about who will win or who will lose. While awards may be offered to those who put on a good show, it is all for the fun of the sport of combat.  

  • Weaponry of all sorts is permitted.
  • Armor and Shields are heavily advised.
  • Magic, potions, drugs, alchemy and other things of the sort is prohibited.  
  • Businesses are invited to set up concession for spectators to patron.

~Jil, Governor of Stormstead

((Article written by Jens.Ixchel. Additional information and for Dice Combat Rules please check out the forums: ))

Stormstead\’s Grand Tournament {05/22 @ 3pm}

Mysts of Eyr Forums


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Hikari Escapes!

Hikari Confesses, Hurls Mockery, and Leaps to Escape Amidst Chaos


The Eternal

Citizens of Eyr watched in horror as self-confessed murderer Hikari, aka Neantak,  leaped to freedom from his trial amidst dark chaos brought on by Void Magics.  At least, seen by those that were still capable of watching.  An ominous surge of power swept through the Bath House which was used for the purpose of Hikari’s sentencing.   This black surge of raw evil rolled in like a powerful wave and brought with it widespread confusion.  People began shrieking and carrying on as the darkly chaotic magic of The Void announced its presence by sending visions and impulses to those inside while ensuring the escape of its favored servant. Whether it was called by Hikari himself or the sentient evil emerged for the sake of freeing it’s chosen Eternal, we may never know.


Hikari/Neantak Unmasked in the Shadows of his Cell

Hikari had been imprisoned during the trial itself by overhead shackles strung to one of the beams in the bathhouse.  He had lost one arm when he caught fire during his capture the previous evening.  Only one arm remaining to bind and suspend the Lich.  This proved to be a mistake given the rotting nature of the undead.  The self-announced murderer and blood thief ripped himself loose and left the solitary limb dangling overhead.  This occurred just seconds after pleading guilty to not only the crimes listed by the citizens but many others.

Now armless and reeking of death and decay, the Lich taunted villagers by calling out to them in mockery and defiance as he rushed for freedom after swallowing his own phylactery.  It is a moment that will not be forgotten.  Nor was it meant to be.

Hikari’s escape is a  low point in the village’s history.   The nightmare has escaped.   We have gained no respite. Only increased tensions.  For we know that he is still out there.  


Observers gathered to a packed house to observe the Trial

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Hikari Jailed! Phylactery Captured!


Hikari/Neantak Captured!

Hikari, Eternal of Ebon Reach, has been captured!  Late last night within the Back Alley’s of Ebon Reach an unknown ‘thief’ handed over the known Lich’s phylactery to one of Stormstead’s members.  Under the escort and control of Ornith and Kel’iah, he was escorted to Stormstead’s jail.  He is currently being detained and well guarded for the short time awaiting trial. His trial will be held promptly.

Kel'iah Jails Neantak


At six hours past the noon  this very day, Hikari will stand to answer for his past crimes. All those of Stormstead and the jungles and seas beyond are invited to attend. If you have suffered injury by the hands of Hikari, please bring forth the information as it will hold great value in ensuring the proper sentencing of Hikari.

Directly after his hearing, Hikari will face punishment of these crimes.

~Governor Jil.

Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

Forum Event Link:

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Dark Skies over the Asing Court


Mayan’s Court Held in the heights of Tilikambo

Yesterdays Court of the Myan brought truly dark clouds over the throne of the Moei Asing. The Myan is missing.  And not just for a short while.  Ame’s  Insight apparently revealed some troubling information: Their Goddess Ame Moei has assigned a new purpose to the now former leader. The throne of the Moei Asing is vacant.


An Empty Throne

As this information disseminated throughout the Court, everything changed.  It was as if the absence were physically felt around the deserted throne, assembled court, and visitors.  Emotions soared like a Tsunami at times. While some dealt with the new situation in a very casual way (not to say lacking any respect), some tried to reason.  Others broke out in pure hatred against some of the races of the jungle. The hatred even led to the exchange of insults within the council. Others tried to deal with the matters at hand brought to the court by visitors and friends of the Asing.


AsingCourt4The Asing court is divided at this time. The Asing people are beating their jungle drums to entreat Ame Moei for the strength to endure.  And that she may send her presence to reason to to the Court Members.  Together they are strong.  Now is not the time for dissention.

They call themselves the Moei Asing – The Jungle People. This includes all beings of the jungle. May time and Ame Moei calm the heated tempers and lead them through these dark times.

Submitted by Anonymous 

Submitted OOCly by EdanaGlyndwr

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A King is Crowned



Goddess Amphitritie

Goddess Amphitritie

Saturday appeared a day much like all others.  I gathered my things together and loaded my dugout prepared to do heavy lifting with more pirate salvage activities.  But it seems that the seas had different plans.  I emerged from the tunnels and found wild splashes of color up and down the beach and a gathering crowd.  It seems that the Kuvari have found a leader. I had happened upon a coronation celebration.  King Derek was about to be crowned.  New leader of Kuvari’s Deep.


The Goddess Amphitritie, an embodiment of ethereal beauty and nobility, presided over the coronation.  The Goddess, housed within the body of Stormstead’s own quartermaster, Kel’iah, was a formidable and awe-inspiring presence. She stood regally atop the throne seeming to float upon the breezes, her white eyes staring over and through tthe gathering crowd.  She delivered the crown along with a stiff warning to Kuvari’s new King.  


King Derek

King Derek of Kuvari’s Deep

“The Gods have spoken.  The change has begun. Guard over my children, my Son. Keep our waters; the sorrow of She,” Kuvari’s mother, “Are tears now of joy. Gather the waterfolk. Inspire them. Empower them. PROTECT THEM.”


King Derek accepted the challenge and accepted the crown gracefully.  In fact he showed far less pomp than what my memory serves of human kings. Though the seas spoke for themselves as they rose up in affirmation.  

The feasting tables were extravagant.  The citizenry well-behaved.  Many were present for the coronation and I am glad I was able to take part.  I got to see a small bit of Eyr’s history unfold.  All Hail King Derek.  

KD Event-3_001

Submitted ICLy by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Back Alley Merchant Bazaar


Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

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Eyr’s Bathhouse is Open!

Bathhouse Proprietess Naia

Naia, Bathhouse Proprietress

Eyr’s bathhouse perched high atop the hill overlooking Stormstead is one of the most desirable locations in the Kuvari River Canyon.  And now this lonely bathhouse which has stood empty for several months has a new owner.  Welcome Naia!

This young Mer has stepped into the role of Proprietress with a giggle, a smile, and a handful of clean towels.  Bubbly, caring, and extremely focused on making sure your trip to the bathhouse is a relaxed one – this reporter can than think of none better.

So take your cares, your worries, your stress, and shed them all in the relaxing waters of Eyr’s Bathhouse.  Naia and the rest of the bathhouse staff will make sure you come out smelling like a rose.  Or at the very least better than you did when you walked in.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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Boo’s Muse


Buthriax, aka Boo

Dragoness Doggerell

The books are calm.
The candle’s bright.
When bookworms spawn
It gives me fright.

The books, they are
Like friends to me.
My mates, they are
Good company.

The Title Wave
It has a staff.
Its motley crew
A zoo and a half.

A vampire? Oh, yes.
A snake? Indeed.
A mer, yessir!
What’s more, pay heed:

They write, they read
They dish out boons
They’re smart as whips
They’re no buffoons!

The books? My buds.
And so I fear
When bookworms swarm
Uncomfortably near.

For eating books
Is their desire
Those legless grubs
Have earned my ire.

So if you see
Some wormy night
A burst of fire
And angry light

Forgive a dragon
A little flame
Bookworm carnage
Is the aim.

Submitted ICLy by Buthriax


Title Wave Open for Business!

Submitted OOcly by ephralia resident

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Pirates Rousted! Ship Taken! Hostage Recovered!

Pirate Death on Beach

Beach soaked in Blood and Littered with Bodies

Pirate blood stains the beach and their bones litter the ocean floor after citizens of Eyr rallied to roust the scoundrels and attempt to take back those who were taken.  Revenge has been enacted, the captive reclaimed and stolen goods recouped. It is indeed a day to celebrate as the ship, although severely damaged, appears to have a full cargo within its hold.


Ornith Returned!

Members of the Moei Asing and Stormstead both celebrate Ornith’s return.  The shaken elven woman lies dehydrated and weakened from her ordeal in the Medica.  She is expected to recover fully though she may battle the memories of the horror that took place for years to come.

The whole incident was set off when a small group of obviously nervous and undoubtedly frightened pirates stepped across the threshold of the Salty Swallow just as people were beginning to celebrate the success of the ‘Seasonal Pot.’  Proving that there is no honor among thieves, their spokesperson, Naseer, plead for leniency and offered up the date and location for when the pirates would begin ferrying their ill-gotten gains to the ship, “Scorpion’s Sting.”  In exchange he and his entourage were allowed to leave with their heads still attached.

The battle began on Sunday at midday.  Sails were spotted in the distance as pirates scuttled about the beach in preparation to depart with their last boatload of stolen goods.  A wave of citizens swept the beach led by the Shadow Prince himself and quickly followed by Captain Valkyrie and Wanton Aime.  Allynna of the Moei Asing added her weaponry to the fray and a young Roc appeared and began an aerial attack, raining rocks and fish down onto the hapless pirates.  The battle also spilled over into the waters where a savage group of Merfolk awaited, led by Derek Marshall and later joined by Alithia.  At the thick of the battle, Clover swooped up the beach armed with her customary button and needle to help take out one of the final cargo-loading pirates.

Fight On Ship - Upper Deck

Jens, Daniel, Arakaki, and Clover take on Captain Scorrow

The battle continued on the ship with even more citizens pouring in.  Daniel and Arakaki fought bravely, taking several injuries themselves, but they are a formidable duo.  The waters began frothing with the fury of the sirens attack below.  Soon afterwards, the pirate bodies began once again to pile up.

Fight On Ship - Upper Deck 2

Clover, Daniel, and Arakaki

As the screams were dying down, the real horror emerged.  Captain Scorrow – clad in black and wielding her magics and venomous sting, she lashed out, spinning and dodging and spewing venom. Her rage made her careless and she underestimated the powers of the crowd.  Swiftly incapacitated, her last gasp offensive was to summon up a wave of negative energy.  It struck like a lighting bolt destroying not only herself but cracking the very hull of the ship, leaving it debilitated and listing badly above the Mer reef.

Pirates and other predators have historically made their way up the Kuvari to wreak havoc upon our citizens.  The fact that they appeared again is nothing new.  However the victory that was won by Eyr is truly unprecedented.  Never in recent memory has such a punishment been dealt to those who would trespass against us.  My hope that this serves as a deterrent against future attacks.   The complete annihilation of the cutthroats that wronged us is a demonstration to all who pass through our jungle that we are a force to be reckoned with.  Let this serve as warning.

Submitted ICly by Anonymous Clifftop Bystander

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto.

Special thanks to everyone that participated – especially those who provided the NPC Entertainment.  Farah Hannu, Ephralia, Angeloflifelight, Kristi Susanowa, Redy9 Shepherd, Keliahangelis, SkorpionDeath, and Wrenlongleaf.  


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Tidal Portents – A Legend Stirs

KuvariStrange tidings have been reported from the ocean’s depths.  A sense of restlessness and a rising tension in those attuned to the waters.  Large schools of fish, not normally native to these waters have appeared.  Their numbers are staggering.  Predators are showing signs of increased aggression.  Attacks have been reported along the coastline and even within the rivers.  Those with business along the water’s shores and within range of the scent of saltwater are urged to take caution.   

And there is the strange sapphire sparkle to the waters.  It is never viewed head-on, but caught from the corner of your eye.  A flash, a ripple, a surge of the waters and swirl of azure blue.  Then gone.  These reports, oddly enough, are coming from both ocean waters and freshwater pools.   

These happenings began the evening following the final pirate battle. There is a sense of expectancy in the air.   Eyes are beginning to turn toward the oceans.  Some with a look of yearning – some with a look of dread.  The aquatic races remain strangely secretive.  But if you watch their faces closely, you will catch the occasional knowing glance.  Perhaps even a look of anticipation.   

Legend states if you close your eyes under the Full Moon with the scent of saltwater permeating your senses you may hear the name ‘Ku’vari’ whispered on the winds.  

The Serpent is stirring.  A leader has been chosen.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto.

See The Coronation of Derek of the Kuvari Deep (Saturday, May 7 at 5PM SLT at Beach)

Legend of Ku’vari (Lore)

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