Seasonal Pot and Pirate Surprise!

Despite the pirate occupation of Eyr, the Salty Swallow held its Festival of the Seasonal Pot. Throughout the months of February through March, heavy fog lifts from the canopies and creatures of the jungle call out for a mate. These creatures are left alone to do their nature, but in their place for hunting are creatures already abundant to the jungle floor and the Kuvari river.

Hunters, gatherers, and fishermen met to compete for bragging rights over who was the best provider in Eyr. A decent showing was made by the competitors, who were cheered on by this event’s first observing crowd.

Here are the winners of this season’s contest in no particular order:

Fishing and Hunting

Aquatic elf sisters gave quite a show in these two events, but from them all Runa (aiyana.dover) was deemed the champion.


With having an advantage in her home territory, Khanya Silongo (kristi.susanowa) came out on top of this trial.

After the winners were declared, the harvest goods were carried to Stormstead Village, where all who attended helped prepare the feast. Everyone was in for a surprise, when a motley crew of pirates crashed the party. Festival goers quickly took to their arms, until one pirate called for parley.

This mutinous crew saw themselves on the losing side of battle and were ready to quit their campaign against Eyr. ¬†Weapons were dropped and in exchange for their freedom information was negotiated by Stormstead’s chancellor, Wanton Aime. In the day following the festival, the pirate ship would moor upon the sandy shore to receive loot pillaged from Eyr. In the belly of the ship was their last accounted hostage, Ornith of the Sage Advice. Their final word came with a warning regarding their crew’s captain, whose power was feared among the crew.

Before departing from Eyr to their destination of Hazuz, the pirates were offered to share in the seasonal pot. With noted anxiety, they turned down the offer, citing their entire party were vegetarians.

Submitted ICly by Anonymous Event Attendee

Submitted OOCLy by Alteripseity



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