Tidal Portents – A Legend Stirs

KuvariStrange tidings have been reported from the ocean’s depths.  A sense of restlessness and a rising tension in those attuned to the waters.  Large schools of fish, not normally native to these waters have appeared.  Their numbers are staggering.  Predators are showing signs of increased aggression.  Attacks have been reported along the coastline and even within the rivers.  Those with business along the water’s shores and within range of the scent of saltwater are urged to take caution.   

And there is the strange sapphire sparkle to the waters.  It is never viewed head-on, but caught from the corner of your eye.  A flash, a ripple, a surge of the waters and swirl of azure blue.  Then gone.  These reports, oddly enough, are coming from both ocean waters and freshwater pools.   

These happenings began the evening following the final pirate battle. There is a sense of expectancy in the air.   Eyes are beginning to turn toward the oceans.  Some with a look of yearning – some with a look of dread.  The aquatic races remain strangely secretive.  But if you watch their faces closely, you will catch the occasional knowing glance.  Perhaps even a look of anticipation.   

Legend states if you close your eyes under the Full Moon with the scent of saltwater permeating your senses you may hear the name ‘Ku’vari’ whispered on the winds.  

The Serpent is stirring.  A leader has been chosen.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto.

See The Coronation of Derek of the Kuvari Deep (Saturday, May 7 at 5PM SLT at Beach)

Legend of Ku’vari (Lore)

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