A King is Crowned



Goddess Amphitritie

Goddess Amphitritie

Saturday appeared a day much like all others.  I gathered my things together and loaded my dugout prepared to do heavy lifting with more pirate salvage activities.  But it seems that the seas had different plans.  I emerged from the tunnels and found wild splashes of color up and down the beach and a gathering crowd.  It seems that the Kuvari have found a leader. I had happened upon a coronation celebration.  King Derek was about to be crowned.  New leader of Kuvari’s Deep.


The Goddess Amphitritie, an embodiment of ethereal beauty and nobility, presided over the coronation.  The Goddess, housed within the body of Stormstead’s own quartermaster, Kel’iah, was a formidable and awe-inspiring presence. She stood regally atop the throne seeming to float upon the breezes, her white eyes staring over and through tthe gathering crowd.  She delivered the crown along with a stiff warning to Kuvari’s new King.  


King Derek

King Derek of Kuvari’s Deep

“The Gods have spoken.  The change has begun. Guard over my children, my Son. Keep our waters; the sorrow of She,” Kuvari’s mother, “Are tears now of joy. Gather the waterfolk. Inspire them. Empower them. PROTECT THEM.”


King Derek accepted the challenge and accepted the crown gracefully.  In fact he showed far less pomp than what my memory serves of human kings. Though the seas spoke for themselves as they rose up in affirmation.  

The feasting tables were extravagant.  The citizenry well-behaved.  Many were present for the coronation and I am glad I was able to take part.  I got to see a small bit of Eyr’s history unfold.  All Hail King Derek.  

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Submitted ICLy by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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