Dark Skies over the Asing Court


Mayan’s Court Held in the heights of Tilikambo

Yesterdays Court of the Myan brought truly dark clouds over the throne of the Moei Asing. The Myan is missing.  And not just for a short while.  Ame’s  Insight apparently revealed some troubling information: Their Goddess Ame Moei has assigned a new purpose to the now former leader. The throne of the Moei Asing is vacant.


An Empty Throne

As this information disseminated throughout the Court, everything changed.  It was as if the absence were physically felt around the deserted throne, assembled court, and visitors.  Emotions soared like a Tsunami at times. While some dealt with the new situation in a very casual way (not to say lacking any respect), some tried to reason.  Others broke out in pure hatred against some of the races of the jungle. The hatred even led to the exchange of insults within the council. Others tried to deal with the matters at hand brought to the court by visitors and friends of the Asing.


AsingCourt4The Asing court is divided at this time. The Asing people are beating their jungle drums to entreat Ame Moei for the strength to endure.  And that she may send her presence to reason to to the Court Members.  Together they are strong.  Now is not the time for dissention.

They call themselves the Moei Asing – The Jungle People. This includes all beings of the jungle. May time and Ame Moei calm the heated tempers and lead them through these dark times.

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Submitted OOCly by EdanaGlyndwr

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