Hikari Jailed! Phylactery Captured!


Hikari/Neantak Captured!

Hikari, Eternal of Ebon Reach, has been captured!  Late last night within the Back Alley’s of Ebon Reach an unknown ‘thief’ handed over the known Lich’s phylactery to one of Stormstead’s members.  Under the escort and control of Ornith and Kel’iah, he was escorted to Stormstead’s jail.  He is currently being detained and well guarded for the short time awaiting trial. His trial will be held promptly.

Kel'iah Jails Neantak


At six hours past the noon  this very day, Hikari will stand to answer for his past crimes. All those of Stormstead and the jungles and seas beyond are invited to attend. If you have suffered injury by the hands of Hikari, please bring forth the information as it will hold great value in ensuring the proper sentencing of Hikari.

Directly after his hearing, Hikari will face punishment of these crimes.

~Governor Jil.

Submitted OOCly by Jens IxChel

Forum Event Link:  http://www.mystsofeyr.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=2869

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