Hikari Escapes!

Hikari Confesses, Hurls Mockery, and Leaps to Escape Amidst Chaos


The Eternal

Citizens of Eyr watched in horror as self-confessed murderer Hikari, aka Neantak,  leaped to freedom from his trial amidst dark chaos brought on by Void Magics.  At least, seen by those that were still capable of watching.  An ominous surge of power swept through the Bath House which was used for the purpose of Hikari’s sentencing.   This black surge of raw evil rolled in like a powerful wave and brought with it widespread confusion.  People began shrieking and carrying on as the darkly chaotic magic of The Void announced its presence by sending visions and impulses to those inside while ensuring the escape of its favored servant. Whether it was called by Hikari himself or the sentient evil emerged for the sake of freeing it’s chosen Eternal, we may never know.


Hikari/Neantak Unmasked in the Shadows of his Cell

Hikari had been imprisoned during the trial itself by overhead shackles strung to one of the beams in the bathhouse.  He had lost one arm when he caught fire during his capture the previous evening.  Only one arm remaining to bind and suspend the Lich.  This proved to be a mistake given the rotting nature of the undead.  The self-announced murderer and blood thief ripped himself loose and left the solitary limb dangling overhead.  This occurred just seconds after pleading guilty to not only the crimes listed by the citizens but many others.

Now armless and reeking of death and decay, the Lich taunted villagers by calling out to them in mockery and defiance as he rushed for freedom after swallowing his own phylactery.  It is a moment that will not be forgotten.  Nor was it meant to be.

Hikari’s escape is a  low point in the village’s history.   The nightmare has escaped.   We have gained no respite. Only increased tensions.  For we know that he is still out there.  


Observers gathered to a packed house to observe the Trial

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Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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