Stormstead Hosting Grand Tournament!

The Stormstead’s Grand Tournament to be held at 3 past the noon sun on Sunday, May 22.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-2Location will be at the stone circle directly outside of the Night Cap.

The Stormstead Tournament is open to /All/ of Eyr, regardless of affiliation to Stormstead, for both participation and spectating.

Stormstead Grand Tournament-1

Combat to Display Strength, Cunning, and Skill!

All participants should be prepared to suffer injury as this is a blood sport however the Stormstead Tournaments frown heavily upon intentionally striking to maim, mangle, or kill one’s opponent. All participants are expected to keep their attacks clean and strike with good intentions. Let us all come out of this alive and able to fight another day.  Fairness of participation will be ensured by vigilance and those acting overly aggressive may be asked to step out. It should remain an interesting attraction for all who witness it!

While this is to be done in traditional tournament style, the Stormstead Tournament is not about who will win or who will lose. While awards may be offered to those who put on a good show, it is all for the fun of the sport of combat.  

  • Weaponry of all sorts is permitted.
  • Armor and Shields are heavily advised.
  • Magic, potions, drugs, alchemy and other things of the sort is prohibited.  
  • Businesses are invited to set up concession for spectators to patron.

~Jil, Governor of Stormstead

((Article written by Jens.Ixchel. Additional information and for Dice Combat Rules please check out the forums: ))

Stormstead\’s Grand Tournament {05/22 @ 3pm}

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