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The Rise of the Vines

Myan Ascension Picture

Myan Ornith

Tilikambo’s vines raised their tendrils and delivered forth Ornith, the Sage Advice Proprietess in a manner befitting a queen. Or more appropriately, a Myan.

Ornith is the selfsame elven woman who was pulled by vines into the Cascade waters during the Painting Cleansing Ceremony but a few nights ago.    Many who witnessed the event had seen strange happenings relating to Ornith before.  Many felt it was a portent – and it seems it was.  Ame Moei had a message that needed to be delivered.  Ornith heard.   A new Myan has been chosen and Ornith has ascended as her god’s chosen to lead the Asing people.  

This would be seemingly good news to many of Stormstead.  A Mystaran native and familiar to many, Ornith has been living here in Eyr for the last ten years.  She has witnessed firsthand the recent histories and understands all that has transpired.  She has good experience working with both natives and refugees and her knowledge of plantlife and cures is legendary.   

This great change culminated during the Myan’s Court on Sunday night.  Vines delivered the newly crowned Myan to the event.  Ornith herself seemed unaware of the changes in her appearance and even to the small crown now ornamenting her hair.  But the signs were evident for all those who chose to see.  Even those not of the Asing were aware she had been chosen, or at least marked by her god.

Ornith is no longer simply the quiet and unassuming master herbalist many of us have come to know.  Ame Moei’s choice was clearly revealed.  All hail the new Myan!  

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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A New Reason To Fear

Here Stands the Death of Governor Jil.

Here stands the Death of the Governor Jil,
not by Bastet, as had been warned,
not by wondering off into the jungles never to return..
but by the hands of those of Stormstead.
The cruelty and savage nature within them.
As was said before, I shall say again,
Their behavior is better suited for the darkness of the Reach.

He served Stormstead Village for six months-
Pushing it forward into a new age of glory, where progress was yet made.
Where its enemies were fallen or pacified, bring about a time of peace.
And a promise yet still for greatness to continue to come its way.
Upon ships of trade, prosperous business, plentiful tradeable goods…
… And protection.

He was kind, or so tried to be. What did his kindness net him?
He was lawful, or so tried to be. What did his law do for him?
He tried to play your game, blending into your society.
Kindness and Law abiding saves no one within the face of betrayal.
Betrayal of Society.

What good was your gift of clemency?
Rotten fish tossed into the Deep.
What have you done with your pledge of amnesty?
Choked it down like bitter vinegar wine.

He sought to give Stormstead among all a place to reside without fear of nature’s whims.
The Kuvari rushes and seeks to rise yet higher still.
The vines creep and coil and pull.
And the void, speaks.
Who will keep her safe?
As he did.

To imagine now we could be within the trees, back within familiar branches, familiar soils.
Safe. Safe from the jungles. Safe from the void.

The fates of this world twist and turn to some rhythm of cruelty.
Good deeds stand for not in the face of some manner of deception,
but when deception is done with good intent does this make it a bad thing?
When protection comes at the cost of lack of knowledge,
Does that make the people ignorant?
Does it only blind them from the truths when displayed before them,
I do wonder.

I am reminded of a time long ago,
In a distant land, a land to simply be rumors and whispers..
Spoken of in fairytales and folk lore..
That of the lands of Mystara.
Where a similar fate was endured…
..And We.. as in I.. was yet able to rise above it.

Hatred aflame,
Where has this hate been drawn from?
From Fear?
Do you so fear this much?
Do you fear me now?

The Governor Jil is no more.
You have killed him.
Consider yourself blessed he even walked among you for a short time.
And where he once stood now stands only I.
Jens, Prince of Shadows.

And I will give you reason to hate.
And I will give you reason to fear.
For I am the Prince Eternal.


The Prince Eternal

The Rise of the Prince Eternal


Submitted OOCly and ICly by Jens IxChel

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Tilikambo is Haunted!

449323_art_dzhungli_derevo_zarosli_liany_voda_boloto_prud_1680x1050_www.Gde-Fon.comI have seen them! The vines. Slithering their way through the deep jungle. On my hunt near dawn. I watched them traveling through the rushing waters of the Kuvari. At first I thought they were eels on a migration but there would be no way these creatures could fight the currents of Tengkuju and win! They were receding into the Jungle and glowing brightly from time to time.

As the tendrils passed beneath me upon the land I saw they had someone trapped in their vicious hold. It was a lady. I call her a lady because she was not of the jungle and she was dressed all in white. I could tell she was not a warrior either. I traveled in the trees and above the ground amidst the rocky cliffside trying to discern where these vines were going.

TilikamboAs I came down upon the hillside I could see they were going toward that village, the one where the outlanders live. I followed still! I am an expert huntress and I would discover the place the vines would reveal to me. Through the village then and back into the jungle. I had to run now to keep up with them. I thought for certain they must have drowned their captive in the village because I could no longer see her. I ran past the strange stones from another realm and up the path toward the Sage Advice.

Finally I realized they were no longer traveling the waters, they were up above me! Tendrils cascading upward into the sky I thought. No! Up into Tilikambo! I craned my neck to see them climbing, climbing ever higher. I began my own ascent and as I climbed out onto the highest platform, I saw her.

She was sitting, basked in the noonday sun. Where the throne was no more. And the vines! I tell you the truth! The vines she beckoned to her and their length decreased and they grew thinner and it was as though they were wrapping themselves about her arms and legs and finally disappearing into her hands.

That’s when she saw me. I demanded she tell me who she was and why she was there in our sacred tree. She smiled and rose to her feet and pointed to me with fingers masked in mud. And those vines! Shot from her fingers and knocked me down. When I rose near dusk, I was back upon the ground. I do not know who she is or how she commands the vines.

I think we need to investigate. If Tilikambo needs defended, we must help! Though I am left to wonder, could this be the will of Ame Moei?

– An Anonymous Hunter of Ame Moei

OOC Info:
Article with Graphics Supplied by Eiirwen Resident

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Dance of the Rain


Advertisement Text:

Stormstead invites all of Eyr to join in on the
celebration of the middle of the Monsoon Season

Dance of the Rain
Saturday 25 at 6

Outside at the Cascades

OOC Info:

Advertisement supplied by Jens Ixchel
Event Info:
Saturday 25th at 6PM SLT

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A Letter Preceading an Important Step



Jens Before the Void

“I did not mean to harass or push, but it had been of some manner of great consequences to come by the answer to which I sought. It is rather amazing just how mention of it aroused quite great resentment within others to the point to shut down the legitimacy of the question to which I genuinely sought an answer to. Asking a multitude of people, I hardly received anything that was remotely a straight answer – leaving everything in jagged shadows .. pieces to which one has to pick up and hope the edges come to fit.

As I can not rely on the answers received from the multitudes inquired from, I have only my own eyes to trust—and quite honestly that is the way to which I prefer. I am no longer sure if people had given me a seemingly sounding straight answer that did not suit what I had thought that I would have easily been lead to believe the words to which they spoke. I know what I saw within eyes that can see color, can see shapes, can see images, and can in-fact observe.”

The Void Painting

One of the Paintings of “Prophecy” Before it was Destroyed by the Moei Asing

“If these paintings were herald as predictions of a future to come then whom am I to deny what was painted across the canvas. Ornith of the Moei Asing has shown a course of fear – but I do not fear. Not in the way she does. The future is something to be embraced. The future is something to change, and mold, and shape if one despises what is depicted before them- it is NOT meant to simply be erased, to be cleansed.. to bury behind smeared and stained images of hasty hands seeking desperately to block out what was predicted.

I saw myself.. I looked upon the void—well the painting of the void—and I saw myself. Bits and pieces, flickering distorted images.. but enough to know that what my eyes beheld was glimpses of myself. No one confirmed differently… Shadowy shapes. Bits and pieces unable to be placed together- fading in and out of focus. I am the prince of the shadows. And this shadowy figure could be none other than myself.

A staggering prospective if one ever sought to confuse an image fading away to one fading into focus. I am not foolish, I am not ignorant, I am not blind. I know what power lies beyond the void. I know what power is the void. But this painting was not an image of me disappearing for all of time within it, but one of me stepping forward from the depths of it. A return. A dangerous think to bank on an assumption, but I have reason to believe that this is what was ‘prophesized’.

All the same, if I prove incorrect in my theory—consider this a farewell. To all those I have wronged, ha. To all those I will wrong by not returning, well then.. you likely knew the potential consequences of seeking to linger near one branded by the shadows. This is about as best of an ‘apology’ as I can subscribe to paper. Make do with it as you see fit.

To Stormstead, well. Hm. I am sure the council shall hold itself well even within my absence. Life will find a way. Stormstead stands.

There is one more thing that I would like to take a moment pause to mention, I do not so fool heartedly toss myself into the void without having left behind certain.. things.. in place that can help secure my return back to the realm. These things lie within the possession of one, Blanche. Though I would imagine that in order for her to make use of such she would need to stand before the void once more herself and overcome her own terror of it to stretch out a hand and grab me out from within. I will be waiting, Blanche… I trust that you will not disappoint me.

I will not delay in this task, I shall not place it aside. The time of the future is now, and shall begin this Friday as the sun just begins to dip and cast long shadows across the land.. this is my time.

~Jens, Prince of Shadows”

OOC Info:
Article and first image supplied and by Jens Ixchel
Second Image supplied by Blanche Fralto

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A Citizen’s Call for Decency

I am not a member of Stormstead, but I was once a member of the fine city of Stromness before Mystara departed into the Mysts. That being said, I still take an acute interest in the small village that is supposedly the new home of wayward Mystarans.  I have observed the ebb and flow of humanity’s misfits creeping through the village for years.  Civilization is a thin veneer within Eyr.  I think it’s important we strive to retain the respectabilities and the traditions of our once great land and  protect the citizenry.   That is why I am so disturbed by what I witnessed in the Bathhouse last night.  

Nakedness and abandon.


Stormstead Justicar and the Mistress of the Craft Dock

Wild dancing.
Loud Music.
And strange magics as evidenced by strange ‘water snakes’ writhing and twisting within the bath waters themselves.  

The sounds of lively music  and visions of flickering lights gave me cause to dock my canoe and climb the steps to the Bathhouse.    Imagine my surprise as I drew closer as I became aware of muffled thumping, shrieking laughter,  and loud splashing.  Fearing something amiss I slowed and ventured over to peer through the blinds.  Something I regret even now.

Among those present I recognized the Bathhouse Proprietress herself.  I also noted the familiar red head of the Stormstead Justicar among those those bumping and grinding to the music in the nude.  But he was not alone in this.   There was a wide variety of supposedly ‘respected’ members from the village.  I should note that the Craft Mistress should at least attempt to wear the clothing she is peddling down at the docks.  Those clothed and unclothed all seemed to have been imbued with the drive to dance with utter abandon.  Fae, demon, undead, Mer, and human — all appeared equally infected with this madness.  It was shameful!

Bathhouse-1I was making my way back to the canoe when loud shrieking and laughter erupted on the path behind me.  Lady Blanche pursued by the demon Gideon appeared to be having a naked foot race.  They knocked me off of the trail and sent me tumbling to the fishing dock before they continued cavorting and streaking off into the darkness.  I could hear their thudding footsteps for quite some time as they continued their wicked game of ‘chase’ about the walkways of the village. Isn’t indecent exposure a Stormstead crime?  Are we to let this kind of thing pass?!   And all of this occurring right before the Governor is to wed!

What is more disturbing is that the Festival of the Rains begins Sunday.     And rumor has it that there will  mud wrestling at the event.  It seems the Village Council has taken leave of its senses to allow for such a thing.  I think it time to return to my jungle hut and hide myself away from Stormstead’s version of a ‘civilized’ society.  


Submitted OOCLY by “Anonymous Citizen”

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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A Wedding Invitation – Carnival of the Rains

I cordially invite all of Eyr to join Kel’iah and I in the Celebration of the Carnival of the Rains and our Wedding.


Not only do we happily await our future lives together but have much more to celebrate within the land. While the previous Eternal managed to escape from his execution, it seems the tunnels and depths of the Ebon Reach lie silent and vacant.  Stormstead stands free of threat and has transitioned into a much needed time of peace.


Governor Jil and Kel’iah

The Carnival will begin at noon, held at the fish market docks below the bathhouse and will provide some food, fun and games to liven the spirits of all. It is in my hopes that others will use it as a social event to bring good conversations and unity to all those of the land. To laugh, to cherish.

I would also like to give an appreciation to Wanton, Juni, Naia, Alithia, Deliliah, and of course to Kel’iah whose efforts on Wednesday night have aided in providing the fish that will be provided during the Carnival for substance!

Kel’iah and I will be exchanging vows of Marriage
At Six o’clock in the evening at the location of the Bath House ((June 12))

Untraditionally – There will be no reception following the wedding as the Carnival of Rain’s should serve amble well for food and entertainment prior to the wedding.

~Governor Jil

(Written by Jens.Ixchel
Official Event info for Carnival of Rain:
Official Event info for Wedding of Governor Jil and Kel’iah:

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Trade Winds Fair on Saturday, June 4 at Midday!

Gnome Depot SignTrade Winds Fair sponsored by Gnome Depot will be held at noon on Saturday, June 4 on the sandy beaches of Eyr.  Though we have had no trade ship pass through recently, we have goods taken back from the pirates as well as those items and services offered by the citizens of Eyr.   Bring your goods, set up your booth or just toss down a blanket and prepare to trade!  Music and dancing entertainment will be provided by Eyr’s Entertainers.  

Submitted ICLy by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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A Special Invitation from Ebon Reach

Ebon Reach and the Night Cap reaches out to offer an evening of long awaited and welcome entertainment!  



~No Limits~  Imagine the Possibilities!

“Up in Smoke” will be held on Monday, June 6 at 6 past the noon sun (6:00PM SLT).   This will be a civilized event hosted by gentlemen and for gentleman.  We would offer nothing else to our friends of the island.  Ladies, of course, are always welcome – for what better way to grace a table and bring luck to an event?  


Friendly wagers, spirited dicing, and an open bar to offer all the delights that the Night Cap is capable of producing.  We set no limits because there are none.  “Up in Smoke” offers something for everyone.  

Come one and come all for we do hope to see you there.


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto
See Event Forum at:


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To Build a Ship….

Stormstead’s Governor is putting out a call searching for those with shipbuilding and/or RM - Ship Picturecarpentry experience.  We have worked hard to recover lumber and building supplies from the destroyed pirate ship.   What we now need are the people with shipbuilding knowledge and skills to get Stormstead’s ship  ‘off the ground’ and into the water.

As Governor Jil has stated, “A viable means of trade is critical to Stormstead’s survival.  An intact ship means for more reliable trade goods with Aradia and Shalan’ti.  This would benefit not only the citizens of Stormstead but our allies and increase travel options between those two locations.”

Stormstead citizenry need to take advantage of the monsoon season’s high waters if we wish to start construction while we have limited portage on the Kuvari.  Once water’s recede, we will not have the depth needed.  Tengkuju traditionally lasts for another two full months so we must move fast.

A volunteer sign-up sheet has been left at the Craft Dock where the lumber and sailcloth is being housed.  Contact any Stormstead Council member to express your interest and add your name to the roster.

-Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto

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