To Build a Ship….

Stormstead’s Governor is putting out a call searching for those with shipbuilding and/or RM - Ship Picturecarpentry experience.  We have worked hard to recover lumber and building supplies from the destroyed pirate ship.   What we now need are the people with shipbuilding knowledge and skills to get Stormstead’s ship  ‘off the ground’ and into the water.

As Governor Jil has stated, “A viable means of trade is critical to Stormstead’s survival.  An intact ship means for more reliable trade goods with Aradia and Shalan’ti.  This would benefit not only the citizens of Stormstead but our allies and increase travel options between those two locations.”

Stormstead citizenry need to take advantage of the monsoon season’s high waters if we wish to start construction while we have limited portage on the Kuvari.  Once water’s recede, we will not have the depth needed.  Tengkuju traditionally lasts for another two full months so we must move fast.

A volunteer sign-up sheet has been left at the Craft Dock where the lumber and sailcloth is being housed.  Contact any Stormstead Council member to express your interest and add your name to the roster.

-Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto

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