A Letter Preceading an Important Step



Jens Before the Void

“I did not mean to harass or push, but it had been of some manner of great consequences to come by the answer to which I sought. It is rather amazing just how mention of it aroused quite great resentment within others to the point to shut down the legitimacy of the question to which I genuinely sought an answer to. Asking a multitude of people, I hardly received anything that was remotely a straight answer – leaving everything in jagged shadows .. pieces to which one has to pick up and hope the edges come to fit.

As I can not rely on the answers received from the multitudes inquired from, I have only my own eyes to trust—and quite honestly that is the way to which I prefer. I am no longer sure if people had given me a seemingly sounding straight answer that did not suit what I had thought that I would have easily been lead to believe the words to which they spoke. I know what I saw within eyes that can see color, can see shapes, can see images, and can in-fact observe.”

The Void Painting

One of the Paintings of “Prophecy” Before it was Destroyed by the Moei Asing

“If these paintings were herald as predictions of a future to come then whom am I to deny what was painted across the canvas. Ornith of the Moei Asing has shown a course of fear – but I do not fear. Not in the way she does. The future is something to be embraced. The future is something to change, and mold, and shape if one despises what is depicted before them- it is NOT meant to simply be erased, to be cleansed.. to bury behind smeared and stained images of hasty hands seeking desperately to block out what was predicted.

I saw myself.. I looked upon the void—well the painting of the void—and I saw myself. Bits and pieces, flickering distorted images.. but enough to know that what my eyes beheld was glimpses of myself. No one confirmed differently… Shadowy shapes. Bits and pieces unable to be placed together- fading in and out of focus. I am the prince of the shadows. And this shadowy figure could be none other than myself.

A staggering prospective if one ever sought to confuse an image fading away to one fading into focus. I am not foolish, I am not ignorant, I am not blind. I know what power lies beyond the void. I know what power is the void. But this painting was not an image of me disappearing for all of time within it, but one of me stepping forward from the depths of it. A return. A dangerous think to bank on an assumption, but I have reason to believe that this is what was ‘prophesized’.

All the same, if I prove incorrect in my theory—consider this a farewell. To all those I have wronged, ha. To all those I will wrong by not returning, well then.. you likely knew the potential consequences of seeking to linger near one branded by the shadows. This is about as best of an ‘apology’ as I can subscribe to paper. Make do with it as you see fit.

To Stormstead, well. Hm. I am sure the council shall hold itself well even within my absence. Life will find a way. Stormstead stands.

There is one more thing that I would like to take a moment pause to mention, I do not so fool heartedly toss myself into the void without having left behind certain.. things.. in place that can help secure my return back to the realm. These things lie within the possession of one, Blanche. Though I would imagine that in order for her to make use of such she would need to stand before the void once more herself and overcome her own terror of it to stretch out a hand and grab me out from within. I will be waiting, Blanche… I trust that you will not disappoint me.

I will not delay in this task, I shall not place it aside. The time of the future is now, and shall begin this Friday as the sun just begins to dip and cast long shadows across the land.. this is my time.

~Jens, Prince of Shadows”

OOC Info:
Article and first image supplied and by Jens Ixchel
Second Image supplied by Blanche Fralto

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