A New Reason To Fear

Here Stands the Death of Governor Jil.

Here stands the Death of the Governor Jil,
not by Bastet, as had been warned,
not by wondering off into the jungles never to return..
but by the hands of those of Stormstead.
The cruelty and savage nature within them.
As was said before, I shall say again,
Their behavior is better suited for the darkness of the Reach.

He served Stormstead Village for six months-
Pushing it forward into a new age of glory, where progress was yet made.
Where its enemies were fallen or pacified, bring about a time of peace.
And a promise yet still for greatness to continue to come its way.
Upon ships of trade, prosperous business, plentiful tradeable goods…
… And protection.

He was kind, or so tried to be. What did his kindness net him?
He was lawful, or so tried to be. What did his law do for him?
He tried to play your game, blending into your society.
Kindness and Law abiding saves no one within the face of betrayal.
Betrayal of Society.

What good was your gift of clemency?
Rotten fish tossed into the Deep.
What have you done with your pledge of amnesty?
Choked it down like bitter vinegar wine.

He sought to give Stormstead among all a place to reside without fear of nature’s whims.
The Kuvari rushes and seeks to rise yet higher still.
The vines creep and coil and pull.
And the void, speaks.
Who will keep her safe?
As he did.

To imagine now we could be within the trees, back within familiar branches, familiar soils.
Safe. Safe from the jungles. Safe from the void.

The fates of this world twist and turn to some rhythm of cruelty.
Good deeds stand for not in the face of some manner of deception,
but when deception is done with good intent does this make it a bad thing?
When protection comes at the cost of lack of knowledge,
Does that make the people ignorant?
Does it only blind them from the truths when displayed before them,
I do wonder.

I am reminded of a time long ago,
In a distant land, a land to simply be rumors and whispers..
Spoken of in fairytales and folk lore..
That of the lands of Mystara.
Where a similar fate was endured…
..And We.. as in I.. was yet able to rise above it.

Hatred aflame,
Where has this hate been drawn from?
From Fear?
Do you so fear this much?
Do you fear me now?

The Governor Jil is no more.
You have killed him.
Consider yourself blessed he even walked among you for a short time.
And where he once stood now stands only I.
Jens, Prince of Shadows.

And I will give you reason to hate.
And I will give you reason to fear.
For I am the Prince Eternal.


The Prince Eternal

The Rise of the Prince Eternal


Submitted OOCly and ICly by Jens IxChel

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