The Rise of the Vines

Myan Ascension Picture

Myan Ornith

Tilikambo’s vines raised their tendrils and delivered forth Ornith, the Sage Advice Proprietess in a manner befitting a queen. Or more appropriately, a Myan.

Ornith is the selfsame elven woman who was pulled by vines into the Cascade waters during the Painting Cleansing Ceremony but a few nights ago.    Many who witnessed the event had seen strange happenings relating to Ornith before.  Many felt it was a portent – and it seems it was.  Ame Moei had a message that needed to be delivered.  Ornith heard.   A new Myan has been chosen and Ornith has ascended as her god’s chosen to lead the Asing people.  

This would be seemingly good news to many of Stormstead.  A Mystaran native and familiar to many, Ornith has been living here in Eyr for the last ten years.  She has witnessed firsthand the recent histories and understands all that has transpired.  She has good experience working with both natives and refugees and her knowledge of plantlife and cures is legendary.   

This great change culminated during the Myan’s Court on Sunday night.  Vines delivered the newly crowned Myan to the event.  Ornith herself seemed unaware of the changes in her appearance and even to the small crown now ornamenting her hair.  But the signs were evident for all those who chose to see.  Even those not of the Asing were aware she had been chosen, or at least marked by her god.

Ornith is no longer simply the quiet and unassuming master herbalist many of us have come to know.  Ame Moei’s choice was clearly revealed.  All hail the new Myan!  

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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