Stormstead Shipbuilding Efforts Befouled Again!


Pester One-Eye

Word has it, something afoul ran the ship down yonder! AGAIN! As if fire ants weren’t bad enough news, now the whole blasted thing’s covered in strange glowing vines! These are dire times, and I’d say I’d give my best walking stick to have a guv’ner again. Someone to handle all this mess. Could been me in the last election, but none you voted for ol’ Pester!

Ship Sabotage-1

Wolves Attacking Ship!

But that’s just fine. I know when I’m not wanted. I’ll just sit here, cursing that blasted rhyming satyr and watch the other village slags go by. Speaking of things running amuck, saw me an odd thing during when that ship had its trouble. Saw some of the villagers, some of the guards even, get all up and arms to charge those folks giving us the business. Didn’t make it far though, before some strange funny little men with leaves n’ twigs in their beards give chase. Routed the villagers, they did. Shame, because we’d prolly be able to put an end to that nonsense had things gone another way.

Remind me again why I’m here in the village? Ah, right, because it beats the alternatives of joining a cult, crazy voodoo natives, and whatever’s going on with them water folk. Well, Stormstead ain’t no stranger to hard times. We’ve been through many, probably them all, yes sir! No matter how many times this place burns down to the ground, we always build it up again. Can’t say I’ve kept track how often that’s happened, but it’s been a whole heck of a lot.

Now I’ve got to ask myself a question. Out of all the attempts folks tried to get us to leave, why they sabotaging the one thing that can make us done get outta here?

Ship Sabotage9

Submitted ICly by Pester the “One Eye”

((OOCly by Alteripseity))


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