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The ‘Swallowed Pride’ Takes to the Water with a Splash and a Bang!


Wanton Aime Master of Ceremonies

Stormstead’s pride of the waters and a symbol of hope for the was successfully launched today!  Acting Governor Wanton Aime lead the lead the occasion by announcing the shipwright, Langston, as the Captain.

The event began with a tour of the ship by the Captain himself.  The ship launch was successful with the vessel striking the water in a huge splash amidst cheers from the residents.  Fireworks followed.   It was quite the night for celebration for Stormstead.


Wanton Aime and Captain Langston

The ship has been a concerted effort for Stormstead lVillage lead by the Craft dock.  Shipwright Langston, now Captain Langston oversaw the project himself and the materials that went into it.  It was with great joy that Stormstead citizens watched her take to the water with the support and help of those friends that also made the ceremony.

I myself as spokeswoman for Hand Crafted would personally like to thank Langston for all of his efforts and the long hours involved.  And all the many and assorted who were able to contribute their time, labor, and materials that went into the making of the ship.

The Trade Fair will be held this Saturday on the beach beginning at 12:00 noon.  It is hoped that the Captain and selected Crew will be ready to sail soon after to begin a trade route between Shalan’ti and Aradia.  Anyone interested in crewing for the craft should contact Captain Langston.  The ‘Swallowed Pride’ will remain anchored in the deeper waters just off the mouth of the Kuvari as all final preparations are made.

Long may she sail!

-Blanche Greyling


The Swallowed Pride sailing to her temporary  Anchor Home off the mouth of the Kuvari River.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Stormstead Prepares to Launch a Ship!

At long last Stormstead’s ship is near readiness.  Hand Crafted employees have worked together with citizens of Stormstead and their allies to provide the labor, materials, and skills to complete this task.  Special thanks is offered to our own Hand Crafted shipwright, Langston for his specialized skills.  Additional thanks to all those who participated in collecting, repairing, and building Ship components.   The bare bones are in place.  Now is a good time to see if this ship will float.

stormstead-ship_001Stormstead Chancellor Wanton Aime has announced a ship launch party.  Event will be held on the banks of the Kuvari near where the ship is drydocked.  Food, beverage, and music will be provided.  The Ship’s name will also be announced at that time.  Everyone is welcome!

Join us for our triumph!  Celebrate the fruits of labor!  Questions can be directed to either Wanton Aime or Blanche Greyling.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling, Proud Stormstead Citizen

Written OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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What’s in a Name?

Stormstead’s Ship is Nearing Done.
It’s Sails prepared, the maps are hung.
Hard work prevails –  The work has been shared
A captain is sought – preferably one with hair.
Why doesn’t matter.  Just that it be there.

It’s two requests we have this day. A  Ship’s Captain and Name-to-be.
So waste not a single moment, and prepare your case to plea.

The Captain must be stalwart, a hearty soul and brave.
The ship as home, the ocean to roam, and experienced in the art of trade.
Submit yourself in person to a council member to set your case.
Put your best self forward.  Hurry now – make haste!

A nameless ship would be disaster, a wound that could not be salved.
So a ship’s name must be given.  So submit what you may have.
And on the day of launching, In happiness you all will bounce.
As a new name is given… which the chosen winner will announce.

(Characters interested in offering themselves as IC Ship Captains please reportship progress to any Stormstead Council member.  IC position only.

Ship’s naming contest open to all.  Submit name via NC to anyone on the Admin Team.  The winning ship name will be announced during the ship’s launch ceremony (to be determined).


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Stormstead to Celebrate Founder’s Day



Pester One-Eye

I remember back in the day, back when we was just a Mound and busted ships on the shore. Weren’t much to our name yet. Hells, we hadn’t even a name at all! We was just refugees from a land lost in the Myst. Just lots of dirty faces, folks who’d lost everything, is what we saw. No one really stood out, except for one man: Aaron Guile.

Can’t say I ever knew them man up front. He was just always there before a crowd. Talking to folks, leading them pointing out to things. Was a real leader back in his day! Eventually, after a few failed starts, we actually got going. Got a few huts up and then called ourselves Stormstead.

Things were going good. The raids had stopped. Pirates were few. Folks started making their way in the jungle pretty well. That’s what maybe pushed us too far. Wasn’t long before we caught the ire of them natives. We and the natives feud for quite a bit. Fought for awhile. Folks died on both sides of the battle, even that first Myan and then our founder, Guile.

But, we pressed on and persevered! Had a few governors come and go. A council that’s trying to piece things together. Our numbers been few and far between, waxing and waning, but we is still here! And it’s about time we done made some noise about it.

Wanton Aime, that accursed rhyming satyr, came up with something new: Founder’s Day. Supposed to celebrate the day we actually became a real place. Seems like he’s got quite a lot going for the event too.

Things will kick off at the Craft Dock this weekend, just a bit passed noon, (September 10th, at 4:00 PM PDT.) We gonna have a parade! So, put on your fanciest gear and get ready to march on down through the village all the way to the fishing dock.

We gonna have lots to do at the dock there. Lots of goodies to collect and play with. We got kites for the kiddies, and even those young at heart. Little sparkle wands to wave around and look pretty. To top it off, Wanton Aime’s been yabbering about making the whole sky light up. Ain’t too sure what he means by that, but we’ll see. And lastly, he wants to bury some stuff in the ground. Calls it a time capsule. Says we should bury things that represent this year. We’ll just dig it up again next year when we do it all again.

So, Founder’s Day, that’s a thing. If me old legs could carry me, I’d prolly hobble my way through it all. But, you all go down and have fun. Show the world that we may be beat, but we always get up again. It’s just hard to kill us off! Stormstead stands!


Submitted ICly by Pester the “One Eye”

((OOCly by Alteripseity))

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Stormstead Outrage Drives Meeting with Asing Allies

Myan Ornith

Myan Ornith

I can only express outrage, shock, and disbelief upon reading Myan Ornith’s letter to the village.   The Asings are our allies – or so I believed.  The harsh demands of the Myan’s letter coupled with false accusations and miscommunication left me speechless.  Angry.  Enraged.  And I was not alone in this.  This decry – this harshly worded demand letter was issued from Stormstead’s only formal Ally – The Moei Asings.   For allies to speak in such disregard is a warning.  I fear that relations are breaking down.  I urge Stormstead citizens to use caution.  Tread carefully..     

Justicar Gideon, Mahan and myself met with Myan Ornith in the heights of Tilikambo.  The air was fraught with tension.  Voices were raised and language was heated.  Gideon has always been plain spoken but his rage was such that diplomacy fled out the window.  And yes, names were flung – of which I cannot print.  But all of the volatile emotion was from the Stormstead side. The Myan remained seemingly calm through all of it. Even seeming confused over the reaction.     

The meeting did bring up valid points.  I will grudgingly admit that without a Governor we are at a loss.  We as villagers are disparate.  Communication between the Asings and Stormstead has faltered.  But communication and cooperation is essential if we are to maintain this peace.  We need to maintain and pull together.  

Ship Sabotage9

Stormstead Ship Sabotage

But we must use extra caution.  Communication is difficult when I feel that the Asing leader herself is erratic in her decisions.  The voice in her letter was not a side I am familiar with.  But Ornith is an instrument of Ame.  Are we negotiating with Ornith or the Myan?  A woman who is conflicted or a god that moving through her subject?  Ornith agreed to help obtain the ship’s masts.  Was it the Myan who sabotaged the ship?  In either event we must proceed with caution in future dealings.

The meeting ended on a more civil note.  Tentative understanding restored.  Miscommunication cleared.  Time to take a clearing deep breath.  The Myan expressed further concerns for the village over our situation lack of tribute for resources taken.  Nonetheless she indicated payment had been offered and we were free to begin collecting the timber for our mastheads.  My thought is to get this done quickly and quietly.  

I am calling for volunteers to meet at the Craft Dock at six hours past noon on Thursday (09/08/2016) to help cut down three trees for mastheads and gather sap/pitch for resin.     


Blanche Greyling

And in the meantime this Stormstead citizen  would recommend that we a begin to search ourselves for one willing to step forward to fill the rank of quartermaster to assist Wanton Aime and Gideon in their duties.  We need to maintain a solid front with our allies while the search for a Governor continues.


Blanche Greyling
Rumour Mill / Hand Crafted Goods and Trades

Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling  (Blanche Fralto)

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A Myan’s Demand for Tribute and Rallying Cry for Tilikambo

Myan Ornith

Myan Speaks Out!

First, the Sailing Ship and the atrocity of demanding more from the land than it was willing to give. You’re pleased, I’m certain, that the goddess of this land you desecrate and destroy has chosen to release your ship from the hold of the vines.  Know this: the vines were there first.  They were simply revealed to you as the land cried out against the building of your sailing ship.  

  • You, the village of Stormstead, speak of trade and commerce but you do not understand the consequences of your actions.
  • You, Stormstead, are selfish and tyrannical and would pillage the land for the sake of gold to line your pockets.
  • You, the village of Stormstead, struggle against the land, and desire that it simply give in to your greediness and desire for comfort.  And now, you have  failed to pay tribute to the Mother goddess for the ore that you stole from the mines, as if it were yours to simply take as you pleased.  Your citizens’ excuse is that you sweat and labor to gain your reward.  Life is labor, and to live upon the land is a gift freely given if only you would ask properly.  It is not the Mother goddess who makes you struggle, it is your own ignorance.
  • You, Stormstead, speak of balance, and yet you would destroy that same balance you pretend to understand.  Where is your tribute for the ore?  Where is your tribute for the wood freely given for the sailing ship?  There is nothing but silence when the word of Ame is spoken to you, and yet you offer up excuses without ending whenever your actions are questioned in the slightest.

Do not fear, however; the Myan of the Moei Asing has forgiven the violence done upon her by a sworn citizen of Stormstead.  She would, however, like to know why the village council would send in their stead a dangerous element that may have started a war by her offense.

Why would the council send their craftswoman, a mere citizen of the village, to speak to the Myan when she had no authority to negotiate terms? Is it that the council of the village is without true leadership, without direction, without power?  Squabbling and misdirection over who is in charge of the sailing ship and its construction, and now further offense done to the land by the citizens of the village and their allies by taking from the mines without tribute – these are not marks of peace.  These are not signs of respect.  The Myan fears for the village and her citizens.  Without a governor, they are weak and vulnerable.  And the disparate citizens will soon fall apart in the absence of direction and authority. As the Moei Asing already know for certain, they have no respect for these things. even when they do exist.  

The Myan of the Moei Asing does not take these matters lightly.  For those who would like to negotiate for a place as an ally among the Moei Asing and avoid conflict in the future… she offers you, the despondent citizens and allies of Stormstead, a truce, terms of peace and a way to have whatever you desire from the land.  Simply seek her out at Tilikambo and ask it of her.  She is generous and will aid you in providing you with direction and reward where the council of Stormstead has failed you.

~ Myan Ornith of the Moei Asing

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen (Ornith)

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