A Myan’s Demand for Tribute and Rallying Cry for Tilikambo

Myan Ornith

Myan Speaks Out!

First, the Sailing Ship and the atrocity of demanding more from the land than it was willing to give. You’re pleased, I’m certain, that the goddess of this land you desecrate and destroy has chosen to release your ship from the hold of the vines.  Know this: the vines were there first.  They were simply revealed to you as the land cried out against the building of your sailing ship.  

  • You, the village of Stormstead, speak of trade and commerce but you do not understand the consequences of your actions.
  • You, Stormstead, are selfish and tyrannical and would pillage the land for the sake of gold to line your pockets.
  • You, the village of Stormstead, struggle against the land, and desire that it simply give in to your greediness and desire for comfort.  And now, you have  failed to pay tribute to the Mother goddess for the ore that you stole from the mines, as if it were yours to simply take as you pleased.  Your citizens’ excuse is that you sweat and labor to gain your reward.  Life is labor, and to live upon the land is a gift freely given if only you would ask properly.  It is not the Mother goddess who makes you struggle, it is your own ignorance.
  • You, Stormstead, speak of balance, and yet you would destroy that same balance you pretend to understand.  Where is your tribute for the ore?  Where is your tribute for the wood freely given for the sailing ship?  There is nothing but silence when the word of Ame is spoken to you, and yet you offer up excuses without ending whenever your actions are questioned in the slightest.

Do not fear, however; the Myan of the Moei Asing has forgiven the violence done upon her by a sworn citizen of Stormstead.  She would, however, like to know why the village council would send in their stead a dangerous element that may have started a war by her offense.

Why would the council send their craftswoman, a mere citizen of the village, to speak to the Myan when she had no authority to negotiate terms? Is it that the council of the village is without true leadership, without direction, without power?  Squabbling and misdirection over who is in charge of the sailing ship and its construction, and now further offense done to the land by the citizens of the village and their allies by taking from the mines without tribute – these are not marks of peace.  These are not signs of respect.  The Myan fears for the village and her citizens.  Without a governor, they are weak and vulnerable.  And the disparate citizens will soon fall apart in the absence of direction and authority. As the Moei Asing already know for certain, they have no respect for these things. even when they do exist.  

The Myan of the Moei Asing does not take these matters lightly.  For those who would like to negotiate for a place as an ally among the Moei Asing and avoid conflict in the future… she offers you, the despondent citizens and allies of Stormstead, a truce, terms of peace and a way to have whatever you desire from the land.  Simply seek her out at Tilikambo and ask it of her.  She is generous and will aid you in providing you with direction and reward where the council of Stormstead has failed you.

~ Myan Ornith of the Moei Asing

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen (Ornith)

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