Stormstead Outrage Drives Meeting with Asing Allies

Myan Ornith

Myan Ornith

I can only express outrage, shock, and disbelief upon reading Myan Ornith’s letter to the village.   The Asings are our allies – or so I believed.  The harsh demands of the Myan’s letter coupled with false accusations and miscommunication left me speechless.  Angry.  Enraged.  And I was not alone in this.  This decry – this harshly worded demand letter was issued from Stormstead’s only formal Ally – The Moei Asings.   For allies to speak in such disregard is a warning.  I fear that relations are breaking down.  I urge Stormstead citizens to use caution.  Tread carefully..     

Justicar Gideon, Mahan and myself met with Myan Ornith in the heights of Tilikambo.  The air was fraught with tension.  Voices were raised and language was heated.  Gideon has always been plain spoken but his rage was such that diplomacy fled out the window.  And yes, names were flung – of which I cannot print.  But all of the volatile emotion was from the Stormstead side. The Myan remained seemingly calm through all of it. Even seeming confused over the reaction.     

The meeting did bring up valid points.  I will grudgingly admit that without a Governor we are at a loss.  We as villagers are disparate.  Communication between the Asings and Stormstead has faltered.  But communication and cooperation is essential if we are to maintain this peace.  We need to maintain and pull together.  

Ship Sabotage9

Stormstead Ship Sabotage

But we must use extra caution.  Communication is difficult when I feel that the Asing leader herself is erratic in her decisions.  The voice in her letter was not a side I am familiar with.  But Ornith is an instrument of Ame.  Are we negotiating with Ornith or the Myan?  A woman who is conflicted or a god that moving through her subject?  Ornith agreed to help obtain the ship’s masts.  Was it the Myan who sabotaged the ship?  In either event we must proceed with caution in future dealings.

The meeting ended on a more civil note.  Tentative understanding restored.  Miscommunication cleared.  Time to take a clearing deep breath.  The Myan expressed further concerns for the village over our situation lack of tribute for resources taken.  Nonetheless she indicated payment had been offered and we were free to begin collecting the timber for our mastheads.  My thought is to get this done quickly and quietly.  

I am calling for volunteers to meet at the Craft Dock at six hours past noon on Thursday (09/08/2016) to help cut down three trees for mastheads and gather sap/pitch for resin.     


Blanche Greyling

And in the meantime this Stormstead citizen  would recommend that we a begin to search ourselves for one willing to step forward to fill the rank of quartermaster to assist Wanton Aime and Gideon in their duties.  We need to maintain a solid front with our allies while the search for a Governor continues.


Blanche Greyling
Rumour Mill / Hand Crafted Goods and Trades

Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling  (Blanche Fralto)

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