Stormstead to Celebrate Founder’s Day



Pester One-Eye

I remember back in the day, back when we was just a Mound and busted ships on the shore. Weren’t much to our name yet. Hells, we hadn’t even a name at all! We was just refugees from a land lost in the Myst. Just lots of dirty faces, folks who’d lost everything, is what we saw. No one really stood out, except for one man: Aaron Guile.

Can’t say I ever knew them man up front. He was just always there before a crowd. Talking to folks, leading them pointing out to things. Was a real leader back in his day! Eventually, after a few failed starts, we actually got going. Got a few huts up and then called ourselves Stormstead.

Things were going good. The raids had stopped. Pirates were few. Folks started making their way in the jungle pretty well. That’s what maybe pushed us too far. Wasn’t long before we caught the ire of them natives. We and the natives feud for quite a bit. Fought for awhile. Folks died on both sides of the battle, even that first Myan and then our founder, Guile.

But, we pressed on and persevered! Had a few governors come and go. A council that’s trying to piece things together. Our numbers been few and far between, waxing and waning, but we is still here! And it’s about time we done made some noise about it.

Wanton Aime, that accursed rhyming satyr, came up with something new: Founder’s Day. Supposed to celebrate the day we actually became a real place. Seems like he’s got quite a lot going for the event too.

Things will kick off at the Craft Dock this weekend, just a bit passed noon, (September 10th, at 4:00 PM PDT.) We gonna have a parade! So, put on your fanciest gear and get ready to march on down through the village all the way to the fishing dock.

We gonna have lots to do at the dock there. Lots of goodies to collect and play with. We got kites for the kiddies, and even those young at heart. Little sparkle wands to wave around and look pretty. To top it off, Wanton Aime’s been yabbering about making the whole sky light up. Ain’t too sure what he means by that, but we’ll see. And lastly, he wants to bury some stuff in the ground. Calls it a time capsule. Says we should bury things that represent this year. We’ll just dig it up again next year when we do it all again.

So, Founder’s Day, that’s a thing. If me old legs could carry me, I’d prolly hobble my way through it all. But, you all go down and have fun. Show the world that we may be beat, but we always get up again. It’s just hard to kill us off! Stormstead stands!


Submitted ICly by Pester the “One Eye”

((OOCly by Alteripseity))

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