What’s in a Name?

Stormstead’s Ship is Nearing Done.
It’s Sails prepared, the maps are hung.
Hard work prevails –  The work has been shared
A captain is sought – preferably one with hair.
Why doesn’t matter.  Just that it be there.

It’s two requests we have this day. A  Ship’s Captain and Name-to-be.
So waste not a single moment, and prepare your case to plea.

The Captain must be stalwart, a hearty soul and brave.
The ship as home, the ocean to roam, and experienced in the art of trade.
Submit yourself in person to a council member to set your case.
Put your best self forward.  Hurry now – make haste!

A nameless ship would be disaster, a wound that could not be salved.
So a ship’s name must be given.  So submit what you may have.
And on the day of launching, In happiness you all will bounce.
As a new name is given… which the chosen winner will announce.

(Characters interested in offering themselves as IC Ship Captains please reportship progress to any Stormstead Council member.  IC position only.

Ship’s naming contest open to all.  Submit name via NC to anyone on the Admin Team.  The winning ship name will be announced during the ship’s launch ceremony (to be determined).


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