Stormstead Prepares to Launch a Ship!

At long last Stormstead’s ship is near readiness.  Hand Crafted employees have worked together with citizens of Stormstead and their allies to provide the labor, materials, and skills to complete this task.  Special thanks is offered to our own Hand Crafted shipwright, Langston for his specialized skills.  Additional thanks to all those who participated in collecting, repairing, and building Ship components.   The bare bones are in place.  Now is a good time to see if this ship will float.

stormstead-ship_001Stormstead Chancellor Wanton Aime has announced a ship launch party.  Event will be held on the banks of the Kuvari near where the ship is drydocked.  Food, beverage, and music will be provided.  The Ship’s name will also be announced at that time.  Everyone is welcome!

Join us for our triumph!  Celebrate the fruits of labor!  Questions can be directed to either Wanton Aime or Blanche Greyling.

Submitted by Blanche Greyling, Proud Stormstead Citizen

Written OOCly by Blanche Fralto


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