The ‘Swallowed Pride’ Takes to the Water with a Splash and a Bang!


Wanton Aime Master of Ceremonies

Stormstead’s pride of the waters and a symbol of hope for the was successfully launched today!  Acting Governor Wanton Aime lead the lead the occasion by announcing the shipwright, Langston, as the Captain.

The event began with a tour of the ship by the Captain himself.  The ship launch was successful with the vessel striking the water in a huge splash amidst cheers from the residents.  Fireworks followed.   It was quite the night for celebration for Stormstead.


Wanton Aime and Captain Langston

The ship has been a concerted effort for Stormstead lVillage lead by the Craft dock.  Shipwright Langston, now Captain Langston oversaw the project himself and the materials that went into it.  It was with great joy that Stormstead citizens watched her take to the water with the support and help of those friends that also made the ceremony.

I myself as spokeswoman for Hand Crafted would personally like to thank Langston for all of his efforts and the long hours involved.  And all the many and assorted who were able to contribute their time, labor, and materials that went into the making of the ship.

The Trade Fair will be held this Saturday on the beach beginning at 12:00 noon.  It is hoped that the Captain and selected Crew will be ready to sail soon after to begin a trade route between Shalan’ti and Aradia.  Anyone interested in crewing for the craft should contact Captain Langston.  The ‘Swallowed Pride’ will remain anchored in the deeper waters just off the mouth of the Kuvari as all final preparations are made.

Long may she sail!

-Blanche Greyling


The Swallowed Pride sailing to her temporary  Anchor Home off the mouth of the Kuvari River.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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