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Ku’vesi Stone Healed! The Birth of Healing Waters


kuvesti-stone-event-articleThe Ku’vesi Stone is healed!  The healing powers it contains now contained and protected.  Eyr is no longer in danger!


Myan Ornith

Talisae Theodosia and Myan Ornith’s resolve to heal the Ku’vesi Stone and restore healing waters to Eyr came together Sunday.  This is a day I will long remember for I have heard the voice of the Mystfolk Stones, the roar of Ku’vari, and the voice of Yue.  And all of this amidst a whirling snowstorm in the center of the Jungle.

Ornith’s theory proved true.  Extreme cold worked to suppress Ku’vari’s magics so that the pieces could be brought together.  The healing ceremony took place within the perimeter of the Myst Mound amidst a swirl of ice and snow.  The crackling feeling of power in the air was second only to the biting cold emanating from the ice beneath my feet.

The Mystfolk spirits Delanis and Delaris accepted the offerings of blood and water. Indeed, it was their powers as foretold that worked to heal the Ku’vesi stone.  Each of the Mystfolk ancient spirits then spoke out in turn to herald the event.

“Our task is done  … the Ku’vesi Stone is whole, the pieces are one!
And now, purge the nearby pools of their mundane taint!
Make them something more, something not seen in Eyr before!
Heal those hurt in their time of need!
But first, into the pools, you must plant this stony seed!
And from the burden of misery shall they be freed!
This is what must be done, so it has been decreed.”

As the fragments boomed together, the Talisae’s eyes began to glow an icy blue  and her voice rang out with all the authority of Yue as she spoke directly to Ku’vari.  The serpent’s spirit was wound protectively about the Stone as it was bore toward the pond.


Talisae Theodosia – Yue

The great serpent roared and the air all but vibrated as Yue spoke directly to Ku’vari.

“My son, I summon you to return to your post as once before! Protect this stone and these waters from anything that may usurp its powers and its purpose.”

“Bring the injured, the pool is ready to do its bidding.”

With that final proclamation people began to move toward the ponds to test it against wounds both recent and new.  Mahan’s injuries showed much improvement though it was readily apparent the healing process did take it’s toll.

There is much to be learned of the healing pools’ strength.  A god’s gift must not be taken lightly.  We must learn how to use this gift.  But I am hopeful of the possibilities.  

~ Blanche Greyling


Ku’vesi Tears – The Healing Ponds

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

The Ku’vesi Ponds are now a resource available for players to start exploring and learning about for use.   The properties and limitations of the Healing Pond Resource are explained here:

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The Ku’Vesi Stones Soon United! Sage Advice Blocked by Ice!

Ice blocks the Sage Advice!

What is all of this?  Why is there ice blocking my way to the Sage Advice? I can’t tell you how much this is inconveniencing me! I am a businessman, I require fresh herbs and teas to gift my clients when they come to me about their problems. Yes, that’s right, I’m a very esteemed counselor. My clients are very important to me and they deserve the very best.  So now look at this! Here I am intending to return in the morning to conduct my business, and there are huge mounds of the most impassable ice. Ice! In the jungle! What could have caused it is beyond me. By that I mean, it was probably the goddesses. I’ve never been a spiritual sort of man.  My focus has been my business. I’m in the business of listening.  Let me tell you what I’ve heard! Rumors and murmuring in the jungle, traders, warriors, passersby. They have all been telling similar stories. One stern fella told me of the wolves and how they plagued the jungle natives and their allies. I feel for them I do! My aunt is a jungle elf and my uncle a jungle dwarf. Speaking of my uncle, he owns a little shack on the sea side and he told me he saw strange lights in the sky. Swore it was an exploding alligator. When he went to investigate, sure enough, a strange woman dressed real fancy had two stones captured in magical shields! He says she took them under the water!

One of my clients, a very spry fella who sells vine ropes and burlap satchels for a living, spoke of encountering the remains of a large sea beast on a beach.  It had been sliced right open! It was not a bigger fish that had done such damage, it was the blades of weapons he said to me and he had witnessed those folks pulling a rock from its huge belly.  Nothing unusual about going fishing, I responded.  He shook his head at me and swore on the life of his mother that he was telling me the truth, that he’d seen strange symbols painted all over that Stormstead village.  He drew me one of these very same symbols from memory.  Looked to me like a great sea serpent.  And I know a thing or two about sea serpents.  They don’t like it when the weather turns cold! So what does all of this have to do with strange stone pieces rumored to heal the gravest wounds once put back together like some magical puzzle?  I do not know.  What’s that? Yes, that’s right! I’ve heard from several of my clients that this stone will heal ya! Patch you up nice.

So how much is this information worth to ya, eh?  I have one final piece of the puzzle to give to you.  For the right price of course! I’m a counselor you see and my clients are very important to me.  Maybe for one silver piece?  High! Well of course the price is high for the valuable information I have right now in my possession.  That’s right, good good.  That’ll do nicely.  I do so like the feel and the taste of the silver pieces.  That’s right I’m a counselor, a very good listener and I heard what I heard.  Today! It’s happening today. At those strange stones with the colored pieces in them that the winged ones, the pixies and the fairies, like to sit around and fawn over. Right now they’re covered in ice and it’s snowing there! Can you believe it? Snow in the jungle! What’s going to happen you ask? I don’t know! All I know is that it has to do with that strange stone puzzle. And it’s happening today! When you ask?  Well I don’t rightly know, but I’d check the sky. Late in the afternoon is usually when these strange events begin.

– An Esteemed Counselor to Valuable Information

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen Resident

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Asing Story Tellers Gather at the Mystfolk Stones


The Moei Asing will gather soon to tell the story that must be told.  It was during the battle with the wolves that it became clear there are vengeful spirits roaming about the land.  What is not clear is why.  Ame Moei has remained silent on this matter.  Though the truth of it remains, these spirits would do us harm should they be allowed to remain.  It is with our stories that we can silence the spirits and put them to rest upon the land.  Or wherever it is that these restless spirits dwell when they are not active.

The Moei Asing storytelling is of great import and right now, as the realm awaits the healing of the stone fragments found each time in battle with it’s protective beast, we will gather at the Mystfolk stones near the great tree of Tilikambo. A story will be told to ease the Asing and their allies should they grow fearful that some terrible spirit might prevent the unification of the stone fragments.  In fact, as Myan Ornith has foretold, it is the Mystfolk spirits who must provide their aid in putting back together what has been broken.

Though it is not certain yet how the pieces of the stone will be put back whole again, perhaps the story will suggest a clue or perhaps the stones themselves once brought near will unveil the answers we seek!  Now is the time of great anticipation and reflection.  What will these stone pieces do once united?  What must be done to honor their protector the great Kuvari?  Why does the great Mother goddess remain silent on these matters? And most intriguing still, what does the fallen star of Yue and Yang foretell for us all?
Come! To this night of the Asing Storytellers! To seek answers. To uncover the truth of these matters.  Only those who are wise and posses great fortitude ought to venture so deeply into the jungle, to the very heart of the Asing, to their home at Tilikambo! We hope to see you there.

ICly submitted by Ornith

OOCly submitted by Eirwenn Resident

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Leviathan Makes Landfall! Third Ku’vesi Stone Found!


Leviathan breaching the surface

Leviathan, creature of the drowned abyss. Woe be unto those who meet and suffer its glutinous wrath. Few sailors live to tell the tale, to give witness to their destructive ways. More rare yet are those who meet the beast upon sandy shore.

Word of warning from Kuvari’s Deep spread across the isle Eyr; published was the word in this very Rumour Mill. There was time to prepare, and so the jungle’s denizens sought to it. Niadra, drider chieftess of the Raksha, wove a barricade into the river underpass. Dar’kuss of Stormstead sharpened fallen wood and placed them in the river’s mouths. If ever the leviathan sought to trespass into the Ku’vari, a wicked fate awaited.

But, they were not the only ones prepared to fight. For a week’s time around our home were arrows fletched, spears sharpened, and poison dripped. Vigilant watch was kept far from shore, tracking the beast as it sped upon its way. When it would reach landfall, the Mer successfully calculated the day.


Stormstead and Raksha setup defenses

Upon the sandy shores, with baited breath, many waited. Into canoes they crept and into the waters waded. A dozen or so were gathered there, and we know them all by name: Myan Ornith of the Moei Asing, Talisae Theodosia of Kuvari’s Deep, Chieftess Niadra of the Raksha, Lilith, Blanche, Writer, Mahan, Alithia, Lucky, Mother of Hope, Lucky, Symi, and Ethan Vane. And there also one observer, a lady elf, though her identity remains a mystery.


Defenders of Eyr await the leviathan

The waters gave to the leviathan’s rise. Great waves sped forward, crashing upon the shore. The boats, nearly tossed, remained briefly secure in place; until later flipped in battle. By sling and arrow, spear and sword, Eyr’s defenders fought. The leviathan, with its jagged teeth and mass, pain wrought. The battle was swift, but it was not easy. Few would walk away unharmed. Many suffered wounds from strikes and nearly drowned, though Lucky suffered the worst of all. Devoured was the imp, swallowed whole! But he broke free once the creature fell-cleaving flesh and bone in his escape.

The battle was won and trophies were had. Divided up were the spoils of savory leviathan meat. But that was not all! Lucky, within the creature’s gut, declared another Ku’vesi’s Stone was found!

Now there be the pieces three, a leviathan no more, and that is all there is.


Battle with the leviathan

Submitted ICly by Eatu Mirfae the myconid

Submitted OOCly by Alteripseity

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Talisae Sends her Warning! Leviathon Attack Imminent!

“The Beast is near.  He will be here by the time the sun kisses the sea today.  I can feel its strength and its fury.  The stones are what drive it forward.  Prepare your warriors and prepare your weapons.  He is coming for us!”  ~ Talisae Theodosia


Talisae Theodosia

This was the message of the vocal pearl left near the the vacant Stormstead governor hut.  The message bringing forth a shiver.  Not just of fear but of grim determination.  The serpent dreams themselves having warned much of the citizenry.  Many awoke in a cold sweat as visions of their island were witnessed as if through the eyes of another.  Preparations have been made and now is the time for battle.



Dreams of a Monster

The Raksha tribe’s drider webbing guards the main mouth of the Ku’vari.  We can only hope that it will hold.  Several larger sharks and sea creatures are entangled in it now having attempted to flea.  The Moei Asing have prepared poisons to be added to weaponry and the craft dock has arrows dipped in drider venom.  Weaponry and watercraft has been staged by Stormstead citizens in preparation on the sandy beach.   Ebon Reach has been alerted and watches their tunnels.

Everyone of able mind and body is asked to assist whether in the battle itself or lending assistance to those in the battle.  The Deepers cannot fend this thing back on their own!  We must protect Eyr and all we have built here!

~ Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone Event – Leviathon Battle (October 15, 2016 @ 5:00PM SLT)
See forum link for event info and battle rules.


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A Call to Arms as a Threat from the Sea Approaches

Two of the Ku’vesi stone fragments have been collected and a third travels by water toward Eyr.  How and when it shall arrive is anyone’s guess.  The only certainty is that it does approach and the feeling is that it is being borne by a fierce sea creature under its’ compulsion.  The stone fragments themselves seem to call to each other.  


Talisae Theodosia

Talisae Theodosia met with Juni, Myan Ornith, and Blanche to discuss concerns regarding the third Ku’vesi stone fragment and the warnings involving a sea creature approaching Eyr’s shores.  Ornith’s consciousness speaking through the manifestation of butterflies while the Myan’s body lies inert within the Medica.  

“We will need as much power to defeat this beast. I will also offer tribute to Yue so she may give me enough strength. We have a lot to do, my friends. Let us see it in action today. We have no time to spare.  I will give fair warning of the beasts proximity to Eyr, you can trust me in that” – Talisae Theodosia

The dire words of warning both from Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia mean we must go to action immediately.  Eyr citizens must be prepared for the ‘Deepers call for aid.  This danger poses a threat to us all.  It is in hopes that the Moei Asing, Stormstead and even the underground members of Ebon Reach may reach out to helpl.  For the danger is real to all of us should the stones unite without control.  Deepers patrol the waters and will let us know when we are needed.  We MUST be prepared.


Talisae Theodosia, Blanche, Juni, and Ornith-of-the-Butterflies

Gather your weapons.  Great spears and axes.  Landers should prepare their boats.  For the rest of you who can take the battle to the sea, don your armor and sharpen your weapons. The creature is large and the Talisae cautioned that the hide would be thick and the battle bloody.

Prepare for Battle!

~ Blanche Greyling


Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Event Info:  “Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone


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Second Ku’vesi Stone Fragment Recovered!

An alligator vanquished and the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments recovered!

Serpent dreams, journal entries, and gut instincts coalesced and drove the Asing forward on Saturday as they began to make their way toward the swamp.  Their goal:  To find and recover the missing Ku’vesi Stone fragment.  As their journey progressed through Eyr they picked up followers of all rank and race as curiosity about the stone fragments and the desire to assist rose to the fore.  Talisae Theodosia and members of Ku’vari’s Deep were waiting their arrival.

alligator-boss-fight1The alligator’s battle was fierce and the water frothy with blood and detritus from the great beast’s thrashings.  The creature continued to bellow and lash out even as as more reinforcements arrived to assist the Asing.  The swampwaters glowed red with blood and the setting sun as the final blow descended.  Relative newcomer to Eyr but no stranger to the swamp, Aundr, leaped aboard the beast and wrapped himself around to deliver the final death blow.  Himself the victim of a series of misfired arrows, Aundr stands to gain many fine pairs of boots for his efforts.

The ferocity of the battle to overtake the beast was such that several were gravely wounded, including Myan Ornith herself who remains unconscious within the Medica.  More still were wounded as the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments was found.  The ensuing wave of energy threw many to the ground and those closest to the blast or to the Myan herself found the effects lasting.    

Myan Ornith recovers in the Medica thanks to the quick thinking actions of Dar’kuss.   The drow scooped her from the swamp and carried her to safety.  Several other drifted to the Medica for assistance but all were able to walk away after superficial treatment received.  

Talisae Theodosia is in possession of the two Ku’vesi Stone Fragments and is studying them for a solution.  Where is the third stone?  The maps indicate the water off Eyr’s shore – but who can tell.  But more importantly, the shockwave that ripped through the swamp as the fragments were brought closer together – this poses a serious problem.  How are we to bring the pieces together for healing? Should we expect similar shockwaves or even larger if the third fragment is found and brought near?  Are these things we seek going to ultimately destroy us?  

The Asing and the Deepers continue to forge ahead in the belief the stone can be brought together and healed.  We can only hope that they can solve it before this final piece of the stone is found.

-Blanche Greylingalligator-battle-4_001

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone Event Info at:

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A Journal Page is Found – Talk of a Mysterious Ku’vesi Stone

Fire from the sky, portents of dark waters, a stone fragment with mysterious markings, and a journal page  from an ancient witch.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Below is an accounting from Mistress Mudbolt, the ancient witch who founded the Crone’s Eye.  This diary entry describes an encounter which may help explain the mysterious stone fragment which was found as the Asings and Deepers worked to drive back the wolf pack.   The information loosely confirms what Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia have uncovered.  And it appears that this fragment is just the beginning.  There may be more pieces of this stone about the island.

I present this to you out of a sense of responsibility to provide as much information as possible about what is happening around us.   Use the clues as you may and interpret how you will.

Journal Entry Page (Parchment that appeared from Grainie Mudbolt’s diary.)


Mistress Mudbolt, Founder of Crone’s Eye

I have never cared for the frivolous babble of the Merfolk.  Vain and stupid creatures.  The dying fool would have told me anything to get my help.  Babbling and wounded as she was, I gave her no heed at first.  She knew her time limited with the scent of her own blood heavy and thick in the air.  Her hair as green as the moss I was collecting.  Her eyes were a large pupiless green.  Those eyes!  How I wish I had those eyes!  My own burn and water with the knowledge of what is to come.  But my plans and fate have already been set into motion.

I don’t remember her name.  This Sea Witch.  Don’t remember if she even gave it to me.  She babbled unceasingly as I packed her wounds in seaweed, though I knew the efforts to be pointless.  I was already speculating on what use I would make of her hair and scales when she focused and grew still.  Eyes hardening she lay panting as she stared back at me.  I could feel the slow leaching of power as her illusion receded.  The last to appear were her eyes – eyes as ancient as my own.  All signs of earlier babble gone.  Her hair hung in thick plaits wrapped in seaweed and interwoven with shells etched with her serpent god runes.  These markings, as well as the scarring on arms and upper body, revealed her as a Sea Witch. One of the ancients within the Merfolk.

It was then she began to talk.  Her time was over and she already knew it.  Had seen it as surely as I had seen my own.  

kuvesi-stone-fragmentsShe called it the Sinking Stone.  Ku’vesi.  A plain grey stone worn smooth by the rasp of the serpent god’s scales.  It had lain for centuries within the serpent’s den, silently collecting and absorbing the excess energies and powers of Ku’vari. It held the powers of healing, these abilities stretching out to the waters that surrounded it.  They told a tale of how the Stone had been broken into three pieces when hurled from the ocean in a great underwater eruption.  This Sea Witch had found a fragment of this stone.  Even told me of where the remaining pieces may still lie undiscovered.  But, here’s the rub.  The Stone had been corrupted in the breaking.  The powers contained within now volatile and unpredictable.  The Stone piece she had sought to obtain had caused the very wounds which were now killing her.  I should not make this same mistake.  Though, I fear time will not allow.  

Her hate-filled eyes watched me, but I paid her no further mind.  The information was now mine, and I committed it all to memory, even as I committed it to parchment.  According to the Witch, the stone shards would glow and pulse with energies on the nights when Yue’s light drew the tides most strongly.  Those familiar with the effects of magic would feel the power in the air surrounding the Stone pieces, but even those unused to it could recognize the vibrating pulse in the air around the piece.  The old Witch’s parting words to me were of caution.  The power is wild and erratic.  I can tell by the look of her that it is the stone fragment that most likely killed her.   Interesting….

I sketched out a map of the island and dropped down shells onto the blood reddened sand to mark the possible locations.  The moon came up even as I sat studying the map and brooding over the information.  The Sea Witch’s eyes grew sightless, and the tide eventually carried her back out, but not before I had gathered her hair, claws, and scales.  For those items, I would have need as she no longer would.  The sea takes care of its own.  And now, I have work to do to complete my own plans.  But, time is short, and I will have to take care to hide my notes where my rival would not think to look.  And as for the stone fragments I have some time left.  I may be able to find one and leave it with Henry.  I laugh at the thought of a siren attempting her wiles upon him!  I shall wait for opportunity to drop this information.  See if they take the bait.  For if I am able to bend fate to my will, I will be allowed that much.  The potential is there if fools dare to try.  At least if it doesn’t kill them first.

((Map drawn at the bottom — very rough drawing showing the location of the wolf cave where the first stone fragment was found, the swamp, and the mouth of the Kuvari where it flows through the mountain from the beach. ))


Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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Fallen Star Sets Eyr Ablaze!


The Fallen Star threatens to burn Eyr!

It is certain all of you felt some effect from the strange events several days past now. As for myself, I was walking away from the village when I first saw it, the fire, streaking across the daytime sky. It grew brighter and so I knew it was approaching closer. A star, falling from the sky and from it, smaller sparks exploded into being. It was as though Yang approached the lands of Ame. Then the fire burst forth upon the land. The trees and the huts of the village in the distance now, the plants, the vines, all were touched with the fire as it fell from the sky. I ran as fast as I could back toward home. Home is safe after all.  Though it was not meant to be. The star that fell from the sky shattered the ground at Tilikambo and hot waves echoed through the jungle, knocking me to the ground! The trees bowed with the force of the impact and I saw fire and smoke rising.

As I came closer to the scene of impact I saw the fires leaping higher, fueled by the intensity of the heat from the rock and also the consumption of the trees and the very land around it. The heat was so intense I jumped into the water to avoid its wrath. I saw several figures mulling about the fire, as though still alive within it and yet not consumed. I imagined they were spirits at first. Though it seems they were mortal beings seemingly unaffected by the intensity of the heat and fires.  

I ran to the Sage Advice, desperate to save what I could before the fires consumed Tilikambo. I felt a deep panic set in that this fallen star which burned the jungle would destroy my home and all that Ame had created. I thought for a moment that this was the end of her creation. Though I always believed the Mother goddess could forge anew what would be lost. Such is her way.  

However, hope sprang up within me as I recalled the aid offered by the spirits of the mystfolk stones during times of such disaster and need. I ran back down the path from the Sage and called to the mortal creatures to join me at the mystfolk stones that we might implore the spirits there to protect us from the spreading fire. The heat was intense and I feared it was enough to burn my skin. The others joined me, but one cried out that we must not approach the Mystfolk Stones. I admittedly ignored her.  

I knelt in the midst of the stones and begged the aid of the spirits. They came to life in voice and I realized they could sense what was happening all around us and so I implored them with severe urgency to help us. Please help us! Save us from this fire! There was some disagreement among them, I recall this detail now, even though in the moment I felt only fear and desperation to save the Jungle creation of Ame Moei. One of the spirits called for the jungle to burn, such devastation merely a fact of life. Another spirit called for the end to such suffering and destruction.  And ultimately the twins called for tribute. “Blood for the blood stone!” They cried.And so blood was given.  My own blood I gave to them. Cutting my hand and offering my blood in tribute. It was accepted!  

So it was that the giver of blood would bring forth the waters to squelch the fires of destruction from the land of Ame Moei. The sidhe twins, appearing as an apparition before us, danced about in the myst that formed all around the stones. And then a crack of thunder! Such joy I have not felt in a very long time! From the dense storm clouds forming above Tilikambo. And the soothing rains began to fall and put out the flames. The life giving waters from the life giving blood and so the tragedy was quenched at the beckoning of the mystfolk spirits. The flames were put out and even the hot rock that had fallen from the sky began to steam and relent in the falling rain. It’s energy began to subside and yet once the rain very shortly ceased, the rock continued to steam and two days later remains warm to the touch.  

I write to all of you of this realm in hopes you will understand.  Despite the danger, creation has survived at the calling of our magical allies. The mystfolk spirits will protect the land and so there is nothing to fear. I write this because this mysterious occurrence is of the gods. Yang, the day star and Yue, goddess whose tears of mourning brought forth the waters and the great serpent Kuvari, offer their gifts to Ame. They do not intend harm, only reconciliation. And I implore you to examine your understanding and seek out greater knowledge of these things from the Moei Asing, in peace and in friendship, that we may not grow weary of the natural order of things, that we may not fear them. We do well to remember Ame’s Fifth Truth: There can be no shadow without the light of the sun, and the stars shine even on the darkest night. Neither light nor darkness can exist without the other.

– Ornith Aina’earuile, Myan of the Moei Asing

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen

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Thieves Return to Stormstead Village

Once again it seems a thief or thieves are operating within Stormstead Village.  The Salty Swallow reported items missing and broken from inventory and Hand Crafted representatives stepped forward with much the same findings.

Both scenes appeared as if done in a hurried fashion with breakage.  The items taken valuable as the trade ship not yet having completed it’s first run and goods remaining in short supply.

Clues were left, however, in blood spore which was left in the plank flooring.  Samples were collected.  The Stormstead council now reaches out to those who may be able to read the sample or trace the source.  Volunteers may contact employees at either the tavern or craft dock.  Please keep in mind that proof of abilities may be required.

stormstead-village_001-Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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