Deepers called to Asing Aid! Battle on Mt. Azifix!


Wolf bodies litter the ground as the battle rages.

The sound of howls echoing up and down Kuvari Canyon kept many awake.  There was a feeling of unrest in the air.  And as it turns well founded.  A great battle took place near the high mountain lakes of Mt. Azifix.  The Moei Asing encampment was attacked by a wolfpack.  This same wolfpack that had been harassing and attacking the Asing people for over a week and injuring the Myan herself.

When watching the battle it seemed at first a case of animal bloodlust .  But it became evident that there was more at stake than what appeared at the surface. A spiritual battle was taking place as well.  Myan Ornith and Juni battled against the spirits driving the wolves even as the Asing and Deeper warriors battled the beasts.  The mood of the night was one of determination for they had to succeed.


Juni and Myan Ornith Battle Spirits with Storytelling

Juni stood out.  I saw her, the glowing brightly.  She was telling a story.   Though hard to tell who she was speaking to as the battle raged around her.  I heard familiar names, Yue and Ame, but I also recall another name… Yang.  He’s their brother and he’s the day star and it seems to me… there’s some family discord.  Though I’ve heard the stories, it’s only come alive for me this night.  Yang felt guilty and wants to make amends.  I didn’t hear how he’s going to do it.  I just know it’ll light up the night sky! Raining fire!  The bright one said so.  The tiny Juni appears both visionary and prophet.  Who else could predict the very skies?

The wolf battle continued to rage during the storytelling as the Asing rallied to protect their Myan.  The Deepers responded in turn with the presence of Talisae Theodosia and Spear Bearer Alithia.  Both showed formidable battle skills though the Talisae herself suffered near-crippling wounds near the end of the battle.   Khanya Silongo, and Writer of the Asings battled fiercely alongside their aquatic allies to win against their foes.  Mahan was present as well as was Symi.  Their battle experience and determination helping assist the Asing in their efforts.   


Deepers Join Force with the Asing!

The battle culminated near a small cave leading deep within the volcano itself.  The wolf threat now eliminated the Myan entered into their shadowed den.  She emerged carrying within the folds of her gown an object that stirred even the Talisae who was wounded to near unconsciousness.  It was evident that the object holds some power or property but there was no time for further exploration as the exhausted and wounded needed care.   The Myan herself helping to heal the Talisae to prevent further blood loss and bring her back to semi-consciousness.   

The spiritual and physical battle over, this should end the wolf threat and set the Asing to rest.  Now is a time for healing and repair.  A battle well fought and hard won.   

Article submission left at Rumour Mill drop point without a name or faction affiliation.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto/Eiirwen Resident

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