Fallen Star Sets Eyr Ablaze!


The Fallen Star threatens to burn Eyr!

It is certain all of you felt some effect from the strange events several days past now. As for myself, I was walking away from the village when I first saw it, the fire, streaking across the daytime sky. It grew brighter and so I knew it was approaching closer. A star, falling from the sky and from it, smaller sparks exploded into being. It was as though Yang approached the lands of Ame. Then the fire burst forth upon the land. The trees and the huts of the village in the distance now, the plants, the vines, all were touched with the fire as it fell from the sky. I ran as fast as I could back toward home. Home is safe after all.  Though it was not meant to be. The star that fell from the sky shattered the ground at Tilikambo and hot waves echoed through the jungle, knocking me to the ground! The trees bowed with the force of the impact and I saw fire and smoke rising.

As I came closer to the scene of impact I saw the fires leaping higher, fueled by the intensity of the heat from the rock and also the consumption of the trees and the very land around it. The heat was so intense I jumped into the water to avoid its wrath. I saw several figures mulling about the fire, as though still alive within it and yet not consumed. I imagined they were spirits at first. Though it seems they were mortal beings seemingly unaffected by the intensity of the heat and fires.  

I ran to the Sage Advice, desperate to save what I could before the fires consumed Tilikambo. I felt a deep panic set in that this fallen star which burned the jungle would destroy my home and all that Ame had created. I thought for a moment that this was the end of her creation. Though I always believed the Mother goddess could forge anew what would be lost. Such is her way.  

However, hope sprang up within me as I recalled the aid offered by the spirits of the mystfolk stones during times of such disaster and need. I ran back down the path from the Sage and called to the mortal creatures to join me at the mystfolk stones that we might implore the spirits there to protect us from the spreading fire. The heat was intense and I feared it was enough to burn my skin. The others joined me, but one cried out that we must not approach the Mystfolk Stones. I admittedly ignored her.  

I knelt in the midst of the stones and begged the aid of the spirits. They came to life in voice and I realized they could sense what was happening all around us and so I implored them with severe urgency to help us. Please help us! Save us from this fire! There was some disagreement among them, I recall this detail now, even though in the moment I felt only fear and desperation to save the Jungle creation of Ame Moei. One of the spirits called for the jungle to burn, such devastation merely a fact of life. Another spirit called for the end to such suffering and destruction.  And ultimately the twins called for tribute. “Blood for the blood stone!” They cried.And so blood was given.  My own blood I gave to them. Cutting my hand and offering my blood in tribute. It was accepted!  

So it was that the giver of blood would bring forth the waters to squelch the fires of destruction from the land of Ame Moei. The sidhe twins, appearing as an apparition before us, danced about in the myst that formed all around the stones. And then a crack of thunder! Such joy I have not felt in a very long time! From the dense storm clouds forming above Tilikambo. And the soothing rains began to fall and put out the flames. The life giving waters from the life giving blood and so the tragedy was quenched at the beckoning of the mystfolk spirits. The flames were put out and even the hot rock that had fallen from the sky began to steam and relent in the falling rain. It’s energy began to subside and yet once the rain very shortly ceased, the rock continued to steam and two days later remains warm to the touch.  

I write to all of you of this realm in hopes you will understand.  Despite the danger, creation has survived at the calling of our magical allies. The mystfolk spirits will protect the land and so there is nothing to fear. I write this because this mysterious occurrence is of the gods. Yang, the day star and Yue, goddess whose tears of mourning brought forth the waters and the great serpent Kuvari, offer their gifts to Ame. They do not intend harm, only reconciliation. And I implore you to examine your understanding and seek out greater knowledge of these things from the Moei Asing, in peace and in friendship, that we may not grow weary of the natural order of things, that we may not fear them. We do well to remember Ame’s Fifth Truth: There can be no shadow without the light of the sun, and the stars shine even on the darkest night. Neither light nor darkness can exist without the other.

– Ornith Aina’earuile, Myan of the Moei Asing

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen

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