A Journal Page is Found – Talk of a Mysterious Ku’vesi Stone

Fire from the sky, portents of dark waters, a stone fragment with mysterious markings, and a journal page  from an ancient witch.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Below is an accounting from Mistress Mudbolt, the ancient witch who founded the Crone’s Eye.  This diary entry describes an encounter which may help explain the mysterious stone fragment which was found as the Asings and Deepers worked to drive back the wolf pack.   The information loosely confirms what Myan Ornith and Talisae Theodosia have uncovered.  And it appears that this fragment is just the beginning.  There may be more pieces of this stone about the island.

I present this to you out of a sense of responsibility to provide as much information as possible about what is happening around us.   Use the clues as you may and interpret how you will.

Journal Entry Page (Parchment that appeared from Grainie Mudbolt’s diary.)


Mistress Mudbolt, Founder of Crone’s Eye

I have never cared for the frivolous babble of the Merfolk.  Vain and stupid creatures.  The dying fool would have told me anything to get my help.  Babbling and wounded as she was, I gave her no heed at first.  She knew her time limited with the scent of her own blood heavy and thick in the air.  Her hair as green as the moss I was collecting.  Her eyes were a large pupiless green.  Those eyes!  How I wish I had those eyes!  My own burn and water with the knowledge of what is to come.  But my plans and fate have already been set into motion.

I don’t remember her name.  This Sea Witch.  Don’t remember if she even gave it to me.  She babbled unceasingly as I packed her wounds in seaweed, though I knew the efforts to be pointless.  I was already speculating on what use I would make of her hair and scales when she focused and grew still.  Eyes hardening she lay panting as she stared back at me.  I could feel the slow leaching of power as her illusion receded.  The last to appear were her eyes – eyes as ancient as my own.  All signs of earlier babble gone.  Her hair hung in thick plaits wrapped in seaweed and interwoven with shells etched with her serpent god runes.  These markings, as well as the scarring on arms and upper body, revealed her as a Sea Witch. One of the ancients within the Merfolk.

It was then she began to talk.  Her time was over and she already knew it.  Had seen it as surely as I had seen my own.  

kuvesi-stone-fragmentsShe called it the Sinking Stone.  Ku’vesi.  A plain grey stone worn smooth by the rasp of the serpent god’s scales.  It had lain for centuries within the serpent’s den, silently collecting and absorbing the excess energies and powers of Ku’vari. It held the powers of healing, these abilities stretching out to the waters that surrounded it.  They told a tale of how the Stone had been broken into three pieces when hurled from the ocean in a great underwater eruption.  This Sea Witch had found a fragment of this stone.  Even told me of where the remaining pieces may still lie undiscovered.  But, here’s the rub.  The Stone had been corrupted in the breaking.  The powers contained within now volatile and unpredictable.  The Stone piece she had sought to obtain had caused the very wounds which were now killing her.  I should not make this same mistake.  Though, I fear time will not allow.  

Her hate-filled eyes watched me, but I paid her no further mind.  The information was now mine, and I committed it all to memory, even as I committed it to parchment.  According to the Witch, the stone shards would glow and pulse with energies on the nights when Yue’s light drew the tides most strongly.  Those familiar with the effects of magic would feel the power in the air surrounding the Stone pieces, but even those unused to it could recognize the vibrating pulse in the air around the piece.  The old Witch’s parting words to me were of caution.  The power is wild and erratic.  I can tell by the look of her that it is the stone fragment that most likely killed her.   Interesting….

I sketched out a map of the island and dropped down shells onto the blood reddened sand to mark the possible locations.  The moon came up even as I sat studying the map and brooding over the information.  The Sea Witch’s eyes grew sightless, and the tide eventually carried her back out, but not before I had gathered her hair, claws, and scales.  For those items, I would have need as she no longer would.  The sea takes care of its own.  And now, I have work to do to complete my own plans.  But, time is short, and I will have to take care to hide my notes where my rival would not think to look.  And as for the stone fragments I have some time left.  I may be able to find one and leave it with Henry.  I laugh at the thought of a siren attempting her wiles upon him!  I shall wait for opportunity to drop this information.  See if they take the bait.  For if I am able to bend fate to my will, I will be allowed that much.  The potential is there if fools dare to try.  At least if it doesn’t kill them first.

((Map drawn at the bottom — very rough drawing showing the location of the wolf cave where the first stone fragment was found, the swamp, and the mouth of the Kuvari where it flows through the mountain from the beach. ))


Submitted ICly by Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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