Second Ku’vesi Stone Fragment Recovered!

An alligator vanquished and the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments recovered!

Serpent dreams, journal entries, and gut instincts coalesced and drove the Asing forward on Saturday as they began to make their way toward the swamp.  Their goal:  To find and recover the missing Ku’vesi Stone fragment.  As their journey progressed through Eyr they picked up followers of all rank and race as curiosity about the stone fragments and the desire to assist rose to the fore.  Talisae Theodosia and members of Ku’vari’s Deep were waiting their arrival.

alligator-boss-fight1The alligator’s battle was fierce and the water frothy with blood and detritus from the great beast’s thrashings.  The creature continued to bellow and lash out even as as more reinforcements arrived to assist the Asing.  The swampwaters glowed red with blood and the setting sun as the final blow descended.  Relative newcomer to Eyr but no stranger to the swamp, Aundr, leaped aboard the beast and wrapped himself around to deliver the final death blow.  Himself the victim of a series of misfired arrows, Aundr stands to gain many fine pairs of boots for his efforts.

The ferocity of the battle to overtake the beast was such that several were gravely wounded, including Myan Ornith herself who remains unconscious within the Medica.  More still were wounded as the second of the Ku’vesi stone fragments was found.  The ensuing wave of energy threw many to the ground and those closest to the blast or to the Myan herself found the effects lasting.    

Myan Ornith recovers in the Medica thanks to the quick thinking actions of Dar’kuss.   The drow scooped her from the swamp and carried her to safety.  Several other drifted to the Medica for assistance but all were able to walk away after superficial treatment received.  

Talisae Theodosia is in possession of the two Ku’vesi Stone Fragments and is studying them for a solution.  Where is the third stone?  The maps indicate the water off Eyr’s shore – but who can tell.  But more importantly, the shockwave that ripped through the swamp as the fragments were brought closer together – this poses a serious problem.  How are we to bring the pieces together for healing? Should we expect similar shockwaves or even larger if the third fragment is found and brought near?  Are these things we seek going to ultimately destroy us?  

The Asing and the Deepers continue to forge ahead in the belief the stone can be brought together and healed.  We can only hope that they can solve it before this final piece of the stone is found.

-Blanche Greylingalligator-battle-4_001

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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