Talisae Sends her Warning! Leviathon Attack Imminent!

“The Beast is near.  He will be here by the time the sun kisses the sea today.  I can feel its strength and its fury.  The stones are what drive it forward.  Prepare your warriors and prepare your weapons.  He is coming for us!”  ~ Talisae Theodosia


Talisae Theodosia

This was the message of the vocal pearl left near the the vacant Stormstead governor hut.  The message bringing forth a shiver.  Not just of fear but of grim determination.  The serpent dreams themselves having warned much of the citizenry.  Many awoke in a cold sweat as visions of their island were witnessed as if through the eyes of another.  Preparations have been made and now is the time for battle.



Dreams of a Monster

The Raksha tribe’s drider webbing guards the main mouth of the Ku’vari.  We can only hope that it will hold.  Several larger sharks and sea creatures are entangled in it now having attempted to flea.  The Moei Asing have prepared poisons to be added to weaponry and the craft dock has arrows dipped in drider venom.  Weaponry and watercraft has been staged by Stormstead citizens in preparation on the sandy beach.   Ebon Reach has been alerted and watches their tunnels.

Everyone of able mind and body is asked to assist whether in the battle itself or lending assistance to those in the battle.  The Deepers cannot fend this thing back on their own!  We must protect Eyr and all we have built here!

~ Blanche Greyling

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

Legend of the Ku’vesi Stone Event – Leviathon Battle (October 15, 2016 @ 5:00PM SLT)
See forum link for event info and battle rules.


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