Leviathan Makes Landfall! Third Ku’vesi Stone Found!


Leviathan breaching the surface

Leviathan, creature of the drowned abyss. Woe be unto those who meet and suffer its glutinous wrath. Few sailors live to tell the tale, to give witness to their destructive ways. More rare yet are those who meet the beast upon sandy shore.

Word of warning from Kuvari’s Deep spread across the isle Eyr; published was the word in this very Rumour Mill. There was time to prepare, and so the jungle’s denizens sought to it. Niadra, drider chieftess of the Raksha, wove a barricade into the river underpass. Dar’kuss of Stormstead sharpened fallen wood and placed them in the river’s mouths. If ever the leviathan sought to trespass into the Ku’vari, a wicked fate awaited.

But, they were not the only ones prepared to fight. For a week’s time around our home were arrows fletched, spears sharpened, and poison dripped. Vigilant watch was kept far from shore, tracking the beast as it sped upon its way. When it would reach landfall, the Mer successfully calculated the day.


Stormstead and Raksha setup defenses

Upon the sandy shores, with baited breath, many waited. Into canoes they crept and into the waters waded. A dozen or so were gathered there, and we know them all by name: Myan Ornith of the Moei Asing, Talisae Theodosia of Kuvari’s Deep, Chieftess Niadra of the Raksha, Lilith, Blanche, Writer, Mahan, Alithia, Lucky, Mother of Hope, Lucky, Symi, and Ethan Vane. And there also one observer, a lady elf, though her identity remains a mystery.


Defenders of Eyr await the leviathan

The waters gave to the leviathan’s rise. Great waves sped forward, crashing upon the shore. The boats, nearly tossed, remained briefly secure in place; until later flipped in battle. By sling and arrow, spear and sword, Eyr’s defenders fought. The leviathan, with its jagged teeth and mass, pain wrought. The battle was swift, but it was not easy. Few would walk away unharmed. Many suffered wounds from strikes and nearly drowned, though Lucky suffered the worst of all. Devoured was the imp, swallowed whole! But he broke free once the creature fell-cleaving flesh and bone in his escape.

The battle was won and trophies were had. Divided up were the spoils of savory leviathan meat. But that was not all! Lucky, within the creature’s gut, declared another Ku’vesi’s Stone was found!

Now there be the pieces three, a leviathan no more, and that is all there is.


Battle with the leviathan

Submitted ICly by Eatu Mirfae the myconid

Submitted OOCly by Alteripseity

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