Asing Story Tellers Gather at the Mystfolk Stones


The Moei Asing will gather soon to tell the story that must be told.  It was during the battle with the wolves that it became clear there are vengeful spirits roaming about the land.  What is not clear is why.  Ame Moei has remained silent on this matter.  Though the truth of it remains, these spirits would do us harm should they be allowed to remain.  It is with our stories that we can silence the spirits and put them to rest upon the land.  Or wherever it is that these restless spirits dwell when they are not active.

The Moei Asing storytelling is of great import and right now, as the realm awaits the healing of the stone fragments found each time in battle with it’s protective beast, we will gather at the Mystfolk stones near the great tree of Tilikambo. A story will be told to ease the Asing and their allies should they grow fearful that some terrible spirit might prevent the unification of the stone fragments.  In fact, as Myan Ornith has foretold, it is the Mystfolk spirits who must provide their aid in putting back together what has been broken.

Though it is not certain yet how the pieces of the stone will be put back whole again, perhaps the story will suggest a clue or perhaps the stones themselves once brought near will unveil the answers we seek!  Now is the time of great anticipation and reflection.  What will these stone pieces do once united?  What must be done to honor their protector the great Kuvari?  Why does the great Mother goddess remain silent on these matters? And most intriguing still, what does the fallen star of Yue and Yang foretell for us all?
Come! To this night of the Asing Storytellers! To seek answers. To uncover the truth of these matters.  Only those who are wise and posses great fortitude ought to venture so deeply into the jungle, to the very heart of the Asing, to their home at Tilikambo! We hope to see you there.

ICly submitted by Ornith

OOCly submitted by Eirwenn Resident

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