The Ku’Vesi Stones Soon United! Sage Advice Blocked by Ice!

Ice blocks the Sage Advice!

What is all of this?  Why is there ice blocking my way to the Sage Advice? I can’t tell you how much this is inconveniencing me! I am a businessman, I require fresh herbs and teas to gift my clients when they come to me about their problems. Yes, that’s right, I’m a very esteemed counselor. My clients are very important to me and they deserve the very best.  So now look at this! Here I am intending to return in the morning to conduct my business, and there are huge mounds of the most impassable ice. Ice! In the jungle! What could have caused it is beyond me. By that I mean, it was probably the goddesses. I’ve never been a spiritual sort of man.  My focus has been my business. I’m in the business of listening.  Let me tell you what I’ve heard! Rumors and murmuring in the jungle, traders, warriors, passersby. They have all been telling similar stories. One stern fella told me of the wolves and how they plagued the jungle natives and their allies. I feel for them I do! My aunt is a jungle elf and my uncle a jungle dwarf. Speaking of my uncle, he owns a little shack on the sea side and he told me he saw strange lights in the sky. Swore it was an exploding alligator. When he went to investigate, sure enough, a strange woman dressed real fancy had two stones captured in magical shields! He says she took them under the water!

One of my clients, a very spry fella who sells vine ropes and burlap satchels for a living, spoke of encountering the remains of a large sea beast on a beach.  It had been sliced right open! It was not a bigger fish that had done such damage, it was the blades of weapons he said to me and he had witnessed those folks pulling a rock from its huge belly.  Nothing unusual about going fishing, I responded.  He shook his head at me and swore on the life of his mother that he was telling me the truth, that he’d seen strange symbols painted all over that Stormstead village.  He drew me one of these very same symbols from memory.  Looked to me like a great sea serpent.  And I know a thing or two about sea serpents.  They don’t like it when the weather turns cold! So what does all of this have to do with strange stone pieces rumored to heal the gravest wounds once put back together like some magical puzzle?  I do not know.  What’s that? Yes, that’s right! I’ve heard from several of my clients that this stone will heal ya! Patch you up nice.

So how much is this information worth to ya, eh?  I have one final piece of the puzzle to give to you.  For the right price of course! I’m a counselor you see and my clients are very important to me.  Maybe for one silver piece?  High! Well of course the price is high for the valuable information I have right now in my possession.  That’s right, good good.  That’ll do nicely.  I do so like the feel and the taste of the silver pieces.  That’s right I’m a counselor, a very good listener and I heard what I heard.  Today! It’s happening today. At those strange stones with the colored pieces in them that the winged ones, the pixies and the fairies, like to sit around and fawn over. Right now they’re covered in ice and it’s snowing there! Can you believe it? Snow in the jungle! What’s going to happen you ask? I don’t know! All I know is that it has to do with that strange stone puzzle. And it’s happening today! When you ask?  Well I don’t rightly know, but I’d check the sky. Late in the afternoon is usually when these strange events begin.

– An Esteemed Counselor to Valuable Information

Submitted OOCly by Eiirwen Resident

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