Jungle Bathing Practices – A Pixie’s Perspective


Dear Juni,

I hadn’t been in the jungle very long when I began to notice something quite… unmistakable in my day-to-day dealings with the people who live here in Eyr. At first, I didn’t notice it. Then it was easy to put down to other smells. After a time though, I had to just admit it, I was surrounded by body odor! I did think that perhaps it was me, but I found and started making use daily of the Bath House. If I found it, as new as I am, why are others not using it? Is this something I should accept and adapt to? Will my olfactory senses be constantly under assault? Please! Help me! I’m about ready to start wearing a perfumed sachet around my neck!

~ PO’d at the BO

Dear PO’d at the BO,

I’m afraid your going to have to start wearing that sachet. Might I suggest getting one from the Sage Advice? The quality of herbs there is the best you’ll find in this section of our jungle!

Anyways, yes, this is something you’ll have to accept and adapt to! Take it from one who comes to most peoples’s knees, the smell is not better down here!

I do suggest, however, a tactful way of approaching this. Keep in mind that many come from different cultures and different … methods of hygiene… and the jungle can get a bit steamy from time to time (usually from the moment the sun comes up til a few hours after it has gone down). Some might even find the smell of unwashed bodies pleasing and attractive! Since you are not one of them, please do continue to make use of the Bath House though! And your sachet.

And Good luck!

~ Juni Gynn


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