Questions About Coatls – A Pixie’s Perspective


I recently encountered a young coatl.  I had never seen one before but the creature was quite handy at rat catching.  Made short work of several rats about the docks in a matter of minutes  I can see the benefit of encouraging such a creature to return.  The docks provide an easy meal for the coatl who seemed quite happy with the arrangement.  But I am unfamiliar with Coatls.  And the creature laughed when I inquired of growth and predatory instincts.  I feel the creature was joking but how am I to tell?  I feel a need for more information.  How ‘large’ will the coatl grow and will it’s predatory instincts turn toward larger prey?  How large are we talking?  Would I be better off chasing the creature off before I become the ‘easy meal?’

~ Curious About Coatls

Dear Curious About Coatls,

I’ve met one or two in my days here in Eyr and from what little I did see of them, I can see where you get all your questions! One tried to eat me, perhaps mistaking me for a much more edible creature and while one may be what they eat, I do not think I am very tasty!

Neither of them gave me any indication as to their age, so I would presume they were fully grown. Most of the very young, I would think, wouldn’t venture far from their food sources unless forced. They were about the size of a dog (I’ve seen one in Eyr!)  and I don’t think they would get much taller. Though if there’s a lot of rats, then they might get rounder.

I think, as long as you are normal sized, you are probably safe from being considered a meal. Pixie-sized, and you might want to watch yourself around a Coatl or you just might find yourself on the not-so-friendly end of a snapping beak!

Good luck in your dealings with coatls!

~ Juni Gynn

P.S. Do you have a question that you haven’t been comfortable asking anyone else? Send a leaf to Juni Gynn, care of the Rumor Mill, and she will answer your question in her weekly column: A Pixie’s Perspective. (Answers may or may not actually be answers.)

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