Miffed at Magical Missives – A Pixie’s Perspective


Dear Juni,

I am mildly miffed at the magical missives my mentor is leaving. I feel marooned, awash in a morass of misgivings. They are magical things, meant only for me, but I can’t help but feel misled. Mayhaps I have done wrong? More often than not, he can no longer make time for me. Please, make known to me what must be done to mend this mishap!

~ Mystifiedly Mismanaged

Dear Mystifiedly Mismanaged,

Magic scrolls are a great communication tool and if you are getting your marching … er I wanted to say if you are being left notes with them, that is an honor, not a slight! Also, your boss is probably dealing with something out of the area, but will be back soon! How else would you be getting scrolls? Just give it some time and I’m sure everything will be right as rain again!

~ Juni Gynn

P.S. Do you have a question that you haven’t been comfortable asking anyone else? Send a leaf to Juni Gynn, care of the Rumor Mill, and she will answer your question in her weekly column: A Pixie’s Perspective. (Answers may or may not actually be answers.)

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