Stone Giants Light Up Eyr!

People of Eyr behold the monolith’s brilliant lights!

Me thought he’d seen it all up! Now we had these CRAZY lights running amuck throughout the jungle. Will Eyr ever cease with surprises? Me surely rather doubts it.


A Stone Giant!

First came them stone giants thundering all about! Made all the trees shake and quiver, the ground jump! Nearly spilled me drink while that was all going down. And then, just to see them things! Stone giants, living statues standing ten meters tall! A sight to behold, me tells you!

Now, they was all meddling throughout Eyr, me heard. Poking and prodding them peculiar floating monoliths. Making fancy lights flash and dance around them. No one was really quite sure what they was up to until lately.

Seems to be, we was at the brink of devastation AGAIN! This time with the threat of another wave of a typhoon, maybe more! That’s what those crazy oracles been saying. Talking about lost cities and giants and cracking of the earth in their visions. Apparently, seems like these stone giants put in an effort to stop all that.

So, there was everyone as me was told, down at the cascades. That’s where the giants lead everyone. They brought these lights out from the crystal down there. Warned everyone then they was shutting them off! And they did! And CRAZY things happened out of nowhere! The skies darkened, winds stopped blowing, the birds flew everywhere, all the animals went crazy, and even the seas roared! Saw the Ku’Vari just toss itself out along the shores like someone was giving it a good shaking!

But then, there came a light and then another! Red, blue, green, purple! They was bouncing around all over the place! Could see them here in our local valley and just go flying far off into the horizon, over the mountains! Was a real show of lights everywhere one could see! Heard told, they came up after each faction made some offering to the monolith. Lots of weird things went down there.

As if that wasn’t enough, even the factionless was put to make an offering! And once they did, that just made everything explode! Not in fire mind you, but just more light everywhere! Came from the east, the west, south and even the frozen north! It all came together like we was washed up in one big stitched up blanket! And there was this hum. This low, but somehow low hum, that just echoed off the valley walls.

And me saw some odd things happening then. Just all sorts of crazy magic shooting off. That darn rhyming satyr sneezed and all of sudden, he made them vines beneath the tavern grow! And some passing wizard had her hair nearly catch on fire just by fixing her hat! Most peculiar of all, had someone just randomly appear before me! Says they was from Aradia they was and had no idea how they got there. Last thing they recall, was all these stone giants running amuck in their sands poking at monoliths there! Some Shalan’ti fisherman, who’s been staying with us awhile, passed by said these giants was seen doing the same on over in Shalan’ti! Seems like this event’s bigger than we thought.

Everything was slowly coming back to normal after everything became unsettled. After those magical lights went out, that Aradian fellow vanished! Wonder if he’d made it back home! And the vines retreated back from where they came. The mage with the flaming hair got her’s extinguished after jumping into the river. The animals, the skies, the waters, all went back like nothing even happened.

Seems like this funny business of the stone giants put everything back in order. Maybe though, as me heard said, everything ain’t all well. Before them stone giants left, they charged the factions to maintain those glowing rocks. Ain’t sure what will come of it. Maybe something good! Maybe something bad. Maybe these factions get all up in a tizzy competing for claiming those stones! And whatever happened to those stone giants after they left? Will they ever return? Time will tell. For now though, the pieces are set and the game is in play.

Submitted ICly by Pester the One Eye
Submitted OOCly by Alteripseity

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