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Festival of the Seasonal Pot Overflows!


Competitors gather for Festival of the Seasonal Pot

Was time for Festival of the Seasonal Pot! Again. Happens at the end of every season. This time, we’s celebrating last days of Hutan Awan. Any day now, them clouds gonna let up and the sun will start shining on down through. Maybe even some of this rain will let up. Me old bones is looking forward to the warmer weather too! This cold air does not do well for the joints, believe you me.

Like always, the festival starts with three competitions for fishing, hunting, and gathering. That blasted rhyming satyr, Wanton Aime (alteripseity), he leads them folk out around various locations of this valley. They cast their rods, throw them spears, and pull at bushes when he says. Whoever comes up with the biggest pile of stuff after three rounds wins.


Virlym, Fishing Champion

Fishing tourney got off to a bit of a slow start with only Juni (pneema) the pixie and Virlym (blanche.fralto) that tiefling casting their lines. They both had a bit of a fair start, but was Virlym that won in the final round, pulling out the only decently sized fish of the competition!

Things hit a bit of snag when an unexpected guest showed up. Some stranger calling himself Morthis took credit for the recent bandit raid on Stormstead. Tried to provoke the village into giving them more stuff, but that rhyming satyr wouldn’t have it! Chancellor Wanton Aime said to them, Morthis and his kind ever show up in the village again, they all gonna get arrested. Ethan Vein (edwardclawhammer) was sent to capture that strange fellow, but as all to sllow. Morthis disappeared right fast! With so few guards protecting these huts, we’ll have to wait and see how good the Chancellor makes on his promise to keep these thieves out.


Byron Risato, Hunting Champion

After fishing, everyone went off to the edge of the village to start hunting. Was Juni and Virlym again, and Ethan joined, but this time a new challenger appeared: Byron Risato (jackrockwell). Ethan and Virlym couldn’t keep up after the first round, leaving just Juni and Byron against one another! Juni maintained consistent hauls of decent sized critters, but Byron won the hunting competition due to a strong start!


Eshindow, Gathering Champion

Lastly, there was the gathering competition. And this one got the biggest group of competitors out of all of them! Juni and Byron competed again, alongside Ganis (satyrgrey) and Eshindow (darwin.lemon). Wasn’t even a close match! Eshindow, that tall pale elf, he must of tapped into his sylvan roots for he sweeped all three rounds!

As is custom for Seasonal of the Festival Pot, all things gathered, hunted, and fished were brought back to the Salty Swallow. The staff there, they chopped and cooked everything up into a BIG POT OF STEW! Mushrooms, fish, boar, fiddlehead ferns, melons, and all manner of things found this season got all mixed together. Somehow, every season, everything comes out to be just right and tasty. Don’t know how it’s down, but I reckon it’s some kinda magic. Every bowl in the house was filled up and still, there was even a bit left over.

Congratulations to Virlym (blanche.fralto), Byron Risato (jackrockwell), and Eshindow (darwin.lemon) to coming out on top as the season’s best gatherers! Will they be able to hold onto their titles next season? The next Festival of the Seasonal Pot will tell.

Submitted ICly by Pester the One Eye
Submitted OOCly by Alteripseity

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I’m begining to Feel like Food – A Pixie’s Perspective


Dear Juni,

I have been in the jungle for awhile now, and made friends recently with a newcomer to our lands. I like her. We get a long great. There’s only one fly in the ointment. She eats everything. And when I say everything, I don’t mean she eats all of my food, which she does, but she also eats everyone else’s food as well, and she seems to want to eat everyone as well! Even lately, she has started to look at me like I am a prized boar instead of a friend. What am I supposed to do ?

~ Beginning to Feel Like Food

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A cure hits the village. Thanks to the kind benefactors of the land!

So it would seem you’ve all been cured.  Isn’t that just fine and dandy?  I mean it! You’re lucky the Prince arrived on the scene just in time to do some good for your citizenry.  His coming to the village was well timed, no doubt.  No, that’s not a double entendre.  I’m sure he did it that way on purpose.  And no, not because he’s your likely scapegoat. No sirs and madams, he’s your savior! Ungrateful wretches if you believe otherwise.  Always casting blame for your injury on someone other than yourselves.  Years and years spent in this jungle, having your way with the land and the natives in it and then thinking you’d just cozy up and do what you like forevermore? Laughable arrogance.  

Perhaps the illness was wrought upon you by the gods who your former governor, the half drow, provoked to anger.  Some of your own people said he would! Provoke the gods to angry retribution. And yet no one is talking about that.  Well, I heard one person talking about it.  But everyone ignored her.  And blame cast its way right to the Imp.  Have you heard him talk? He’s so charming and eloquent.  Kind and benevolent.  I can’t imagine he’d do anyone any harm.  Not so much as the savage auspices of the former governor.  Or the wolf kin who prowl about the land losing control of themselves and tearing people to shreds.  Or the wayward arrows and “self defense” I’ve seen in the other citizenry of the village.  

Though I am not concerned by it at all.  Our Prince will protect us from such savagery and unwarranted violence.  He will hasten our hopes and plans for a better more productive and trade friendly jungle.  He’ll do the same for the natives and the merfolk.  The only ones out of the loop are the people who live in the village and no wonder they were infected with a serious ailment, they lack a healthy connection to the land! It rebelled against them.  As the natives always said it would.  

Really, someone should listen to the natives.  They’re very smart.  Gifted and inspired by their Mother goddess. Their efforts helped to cleanse the land of the vile blackness cast upon it by the indecency of the villagers. History repeating itself really.  Like they say, those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Now that everything has been set to right by the combined efforts of the Reach and the Moei Asing – dragons put back to slumber, the illness of the black silt cured by the dragon’s own blood – seems to me, the future looks bright from here.  Even for the reckless villagers.  Surely they will benefit from the good work of the Prince and the Myan!

~~ An opinion piece, by one loyal to the benefactors of the land. In response to Henry’s moaning.


((ooc submitted by Eiirwen))

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The rise of the black silt and the new Governor of Stormstead


There’s a black tint to the waters of late. Some say they were poisoned.  Others say it’s a natural ailment of the land.  What I do know is that the waters of Ohm are bleeding black silt and there’s only one way to find out the truth in the matter.  Find the dragon and ask her.  I know! It sounds ridiculous.  But you can’t poison the water without poisoning the dragon.  It’s her tears that flood the pools and mountain streams and cascade to the Kuvari below.  It’s the system of drinking water for the entire land really. Unless you dwell on the opposite side of the valley.  The pools there remain pristine.  It’s the legend of this land that concerns me of late.  First the fiery dragon of Azifix was roused from his slumber and now the groaning from the deep caves of Ohm.  So if she has been awakened as well, the stories hold true.  These old friends, Azifix and Ohm, though they had some falling out a millennia ago, are still stalwart companions, even in these troubled times.


What trouble you ask?  Have you not seen them? Seen him?  The imp, they call him Lucky, he used to work in the bath house here in the village and now, now he’s someone of import, in the Ebon Reach! He’s come into the village with his band of rabble and he’s taken over the governor’s hut.  He has staked his claim as Governor! I’m no expert in village history, but actually I am! Just another bloke in the long line of blokes who come into the village and stake their claim over it all. What makes him any different than the rest?  Those who line their pockets with jewel studded finery and yet leave the village worse off than before they arrived, claiming they knew best for all.  They’ve been here for days now and yet nothing has changed.  They cozy up and take what they like, causing dismay throughout the village and yet, what have they done to aid us in our time of great need?

The sickness has pervaded the drinking water.  It’s everywhecd6f8b399936665de5765bdecff8798cre.  Or at least it seems to be.  It’s sickening to the tongue and awful are its symptoms.  Lesions and headaches and the terrible desire to give  in to its way.  To let it do as it will.  Though I’m not entirely certain what it wants or how I know it wants anything at all.  But I feel strongly that th
ere’s something more to this black silt than the awful fever and terrible pain I feel right now! The Imp and his crew promise a cure.  Though days have gone by and we still suffer.  Why does he make us wait for our salvation? Does he mean to enslave us all? What does it bode for Stormstead when the Myan of the Asing and several strong looking mer appear about the Governor’s hut in these trying days? Are they forming an alliance against us? We should rise up against them! We should take to the paths and to the governor’s hut and riot and demand what is due to us!   Though I feel, before long, there may be no strength left in us for a fight.  I may be hallucinating now, but there’s a deep groaning coming from Mt Ohm and a trembling in the ground beneath my feet.

I look to the mountain and I believe I hear the dragon’s roar.  She is sick they say, she needs to be healed.  But who will heal the great dragon of Ohm?  Who will purify the waters and bring us relief?  The new Governor? The citizenry? The Asing or the Kuvari? The Reach? Perhaps Hope here in her Medica can conjure up a cure? Or the strange fella in the swamps who does magic?

I look to the tavern and I see them, a line of folk walking along the path now.  I recognize some of them.  What are they going to do? They’re heading for the fishing dock. Do they march upon the Myconid cave? Perhaps there is hope yet! Or is it the sting of desperation that drives them? I hope something happens and soon! These lesions are so itchy and my fever grows worse.

– Henry, a very concerned and sick citizen of Stormstead, camped out at the medica.

((submitted ooc by Eiirwen))

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Summoning of Azifix and Ohm

2-dragon-images-modifiedYesterday a faun approached me and asked me to record her tale.  She had witnessed something in one of the lava caves on Mt. Azifix.  I was skeptical until I realized she was speaking of the dragon which had soared down the length of the Kuvari and back toward Tilikambo.  I saw this clearly.  His wings darkened the sky over the river and his bellowing cut through the air.  He sailed down over the village and returned to the Great Tree.  The tales are true.  Azifix has been awakened.  And not by a false Myan as Clovis suspected, but by Ornith herself.

The ancient tale of the dragons speaks of both Azifix and Ohm.  Clovis spoke of seeing Ohm’s shadow setting atop her mountain.  Tonight I visited the Myconid Cave within the heart of Mt. Ohm with a friend.  Deep gouges and scratches line the walls and floors of the cavern and the scent of dragon lies heavy in the air.  Also found was a smattering of small bloodstains.  The size of them indicating that the wounds were very minor or that perhaps the blood is not from the dragon. The spongy earth of the mushroom cave making it difficult to tell as the walls digest organic matter.

We saw that Azifix has awakened.  And now I believe we have proof that Ohm has resurfaced.  As Clovis stated.  “An angry dragon is a vengeful and hungry thing.”  What then of two?    The Asings have been Stormstead allies since the time of Governor Jil.  Tensions escalated however when Governor Dar’kuss rose to power.  He not only physically attacked the Myan but sought to sever ties with members of the Moei Asing and of Kuvari’s Deep.

  • Has the Myan decided to sever the alliance and loose the dragons upon us?
  • What is the plan behind all of this?
  • Or is there someone in the shadows pulling the strings?

I think it is time to seek answers.

Blanche Greyling
Craftmistress – Stormstead Faction

Submitted OOCLy by Blanche Fralto
Event Information:  “The Rise of the Reach.”

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Azifix Awakens!


Azifix Called Forth in Anger

Anyone who remembers the tale of Azifix and Ohm would know better than to awaken those dragons.

The crazy lady in the tunnel – I tried to tell her that.  She claimed she was the Myan.  I don’t believe her.  Clearly an impostor as I have seen the Myan.  It was back when she was first chosen.  This woman looked nothing like her.  This fake Myan acted as if she had been sampling nightcaps, liberty caps, gold caps… something like that.   Her songs and chants were the start of it. That is what drew me into the cavern.  I could hear her chanting even as I passed by the tunnel entrance on Mt. Azifix.  Crazy she might have been but there was no lack of power in her voice.

More gathered as I tried to reason with her.  Though I could not tell you who they were. None were familiar and who as time to look around when there’s a dragon waking up?  The tunnel was shaking.  Rocks were falling.  Lava was spraying.  Brainsick lady just kept on chanting. People kept filing into the tunnel ignoring all the commotion.  This was crazy like a mystfolk party.  Only mystfolk ain’t bad crazy.  Mystfolk are good crazy..

Azifix rose.  I don’t know what else happened in the tunnel as I ran out.  Azifix was the one known for the fiery temper. Ohm, she was the more sensible of the two if you ask me. But I could hear her cries from Mt. Ohm while I was still running down the mountain.

I could see and hear Azifix’ rage as he circled the mountain.  His screams and calls went on all night long.  My herd went fleeing.  Angry dragon is a vengeful and hungry thing.  But the deed has been done.  Ohm is awake too.  We could hear her cries.  She did not take to the air as far as I could tell but there was a large blackness on the top of Mt. Ohm that moved.  I did not have to see it up close to know it is her.

clovisI am a bard and what I say is true.  I saw these things.  I shall tell the tale.

— Clovis
As recorded by Blanche Greyling

Article submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto
Event Info:  The Rise of the Reach (The Black Sweat Event) running January 12-20, 2017

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Raiding Party Attacks Stormstead!

Raiders descended upon Stormstead, hitting up both sides of the River a few nights past. They demanded goods, coins… whatever they could take and were willing to fight to get it. Their targets the Salty Swallow, Gnome Depot, Title Wave, and Medica.

On the east swantedposteride of the Kuvari, beginning at the Salty Swallow Tavern, a mysterious woman with reddish hair threatened the barmaid Boobette. She robbed a poor bystander named Belias of some of his gold, but he seemed unphased! She was about to run off when her companion, another masked female with a voice like a witch stumbled into the Tavern. This new female came from the Medica, planning to steal some supplies. However, she only came with two parcels of herbs and supplies. She apparently failed the robbery for two reasons – she fell and stumbled horribly during her escape, and Mother of Hope told her that she was free to take the supplies.

The Salty Swallow Raiders lingered at the tavern and conversed for some time.After which time they ran off, disappearing into the darkness of the jungle.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the Kuvari a juggling madman and a dagger-carrying masked thief swept onto the dock near the Title Wave. The Juggler was wielding wielding alchemist weapons of stink, flame, and caustic chemicals. Sides of the buildings and pathways are scored with the potions. The poisons and stink of which still remain in those areas hit the hardest.

Lilith, bookkeeper of the Title Wave, Schel, an Aarakocra visiting the bookstore, and Blanche Greyling of the Craft Dock were caught quite by surprise. Chaos reigned for a time. Lilith battled bravely with her books and magics. Even the bookstore’s cat, Bob, leaped into the fray. Schel was engaged trying to pull Blanche to safety. Everyone suffered injuries. Lilith and Schel both fell victim to the Dagger Bandit. Blanche brought down by the Juggler’s fist.. But luck was with them. During the heat of the battle the craft mistress reverted to her wolf form. The Dagger Bandit was sent plunging into the Kuvari and the Juggler, was bitten and tossed off the edge of the dock. It is believed the Dagger Bandit may have succumbed to sharks. The Juggler, unfortunately, was not found.

Schel and Twaxar Karkeaht were both tended by Mother of Hope who stepped forward to help those wounded in the attacks. Lilith was then taken by Schel back to the nest for healing while Twaxar made it to the Medica.

What does all this mean? More stirrings from the Reach? As far as this reporter knows, none of the establishments outside of Stormstead Village were targeted for raid.. Who is leading these raiders and where are they hiding? And of the items they steal, where is it being taken? Distributed? Who are they supplying? Something tells me we’ve not seen the last of them. Stormstead must prepare. Gather reinforcements and weaponry. Tough times are ahead.

Submitted ICLY by Anonymous Tavern Witnesses


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I Want What I Deserve – A Pixie’s Persepctive


Dear Juni,

I’ve been trying to get into this group. I’ve started with a voice coach to perfect my evil laugh; I’ve successfully pulled off minor raids and such in an attempt to prepare the way for me to take over the world … er I mean Eyr. I have goals, I have a timeline, but these goody-two-shoes keep getting in my way! How do I get the attention of this group while at the mercy of these … nemesis-wannabes ?

~ I Deserve This

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Beware the changing tide

They streamed down like so many veins of dark mineral, cold, solid, converging on the place.  The chained stone held upon the waters. The roar of the falling waters, such energy and yet nothing compared to what awaited them in the stone.  Should they hold it down, capture it, successfully.  Sure enough they arrived, led by their Prince, and one by one, held their hands to the great stone.  The glowing crystal of the accursed stone.  The abhorrent creatures, destroyed by their own hubris and yet here they were, chained and bound to serve others’ hunger for power and glory.  It wouldn’t take long, to make the stone their slave.  Soon, energy flowed forth and enticed them and they took hold of it.  


Strange creatures these.  I don’t know what they are, truly.  Do we ever know what a being truly is in this realm? Covered in illusion, each of them probably change identity to serve their purposes.  There was some celebration as the stone became theirs.  Though do they truly control it?  Do they know what power they now sustain?  It is doubtful.  It would be fearful if they alone dwelt in the jungle.  But there are others and so perhaps the plans of these greedy few will be thwarted after all.  Let us not be mistaken, they own nothing, but power wielded at the hands of weak and foolish beings is still power.

For the time, they control the fate of the stone. Chained, held down, to be protected and yet, entirely vulnerable to the savage whims of the Ebon Reach.

And so they seek to control the tide.  Let us hope they are not the only ones.

~ Jungle Informant, witness to these dark dealings of the Ebon Reach


((ooc submitted by Eiirwen resident))

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Crone’s Eye Presents: “Magical Attunement Night”

The Crone’s eye will open it’s door and share it’s knowledge on January 3 at approximately 7 hours past noonday sun (7:30PM) to present a night of Magical Attunement.

Do you look to gain or learn of inherent magical abilities?  Magical skills?  This night is meant for you.

Master Ganis, Crone’s Eye Proprietor, will use his vast magical knowledge to help awaken or advance magical capabilities in those willing to push themselves.  Those intending to participate should arrive promptly with willing attitudes and open minds to participate in the attunement and testing process.  Slackers will be fed to the swamp gators.

Submitted ICly by Crone’s Eye NPC.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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