Beware the changing tide

They streamed down like so many veins of dark mineral, cold, solid, converging on the place.  The chained stone held upon the waters. The roar of the falling waters, such energy and yet nothing compared to what awaited them in the stone.  Should they hold it down, capture it, successfully.  Sure enough they arrived, led by their Prince, and one by one, held their hands to the great stone.  The glowing crystal of the accursed stone.  The abhorrent creatures, destroyed by their own hubris and yet here they were, chained and bound to serve others’ hunger for power and glory.  It wouldn’t take long, to make the stone their slave.  Soon, energy flowed forth and enticed them and they took hold of it.  


Strange creatures these.  I don’t know what they are, truly.  Do we ever know what a being truly is in this realm? Covered in illusion, each of them probably change identity to serve their purposes.  There was some celebration as the stone became theirs.  Though do they truly control it?  Do they know what power they now sustain?  It is doubtful.  It would be fearful if they alone dwelt in the jungle.  But there are others and so perhaps the plans of these greedy few will be thwarted after all.  Let us not be mistaken, they own nothing, but power wielded at the hands of weak and foolish beings is still power.

For the time, they control the fate of the stone. Chained, held down, to be protected and yet, entirely vulnerable to the savage whims of the Ebon Reach.

And so they seek to control the tide.  Let us hope they are not the only ones.

~ Jungle Informant, witness to these dark dealings of the Ebon Reach


((ooc submitted by Eiirwen resident))

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