Crone’s Eye Presents: “Magical Attunement Night”

The Crone’s eye will open it’s door and share it’s knowledge on January 3 at approximately 7 hours past noonday sun (7:30PM) to present a night of Magical Attunement.

Do you look to gain or learn of inherent magical abilities?  Magical skills?  This night is meant for you.

Master Ganis, Crone’s Eye Proprietor, will use his vast magical knowledge to help awaken or advance magical capabilities in those willing to push themselves.  Those intending to participate should arrive promptly with willing attitudes and open minds to participate in the attunement and testing process.  Slackers will be fed to the swamp gators.

Submitted ICly by Crone’s Eye NPC.

Submitted OOCly by Blanche Fralto

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