Raiding Party Attacks Stormstead!

Raiders descended upon Stormstead, hitting up both sides of the River a few nights past. They demanded goods, coins… whatever they could take and were willing to fight to get it. Their targets the Salty Swallow, Gnome Depot, Title Wave, and Medica.

On the east swantedposteride of the Kuvari, beginning at the Salty Swallow Tavern, a mysterious woman with reddish hair threatened the barmaid Boobette. She robbed a poor bystander named Belias of some of his gold, but he seemed unphased! She was about to run off when her companion, another masked female with a voice like a witch stumbled into the Tavern. This new female came from the Medica, planning to steal some supplies. However, she only came with two parcels of herbs and supplies. She apparently failed the robbery for two reasons – she fell and stumbled horribly during her escape, and Mother of Hope told her that she was free to take the supplies.

The Salty Swallow Raiders lingered at the tavern and conversed for some time.After which time they ran off, disappearing into the darkness of the jungle.

Meanwhile, on the west side of the Kuvari a juggling madman and a dagger-carrying masked thief swept onto the dock near the Title Wave. The Juggler was wielding wielding alchemist weapons of stink, flame, and caustic chemicals. Sides of the buildings and pathways are scored with the potions. The poisons and stink of which still remain in those areas hit the hardest.

Lilith, bookkeeper of the Title Wave, Schel, an Aarakocra visiting the bookstore, and Blanche Greyling of the Craft Dock were caught quite by surprise. Chaos reigned for a time. Lilith battled bravely with her books and magics. Even the bookstore’s cat, Bob, leaped into the fray. Schel was engaged trying to pull Blanche to safety. Everyone suffered injuries. Lilith and Schel both fell victim to the Dagger Bandit. Blanche brought down by the Juggler’s fist.. But luck was with them. During the heat of the battle the craft mistress reverted to her wolf form. The Dagger Bandit was sent plunging into the Kuvari and the Juggler, was bitten and tossed off the edge of the dock. It is believed the Dagger Bandit may have succumbed to sharks. The Juggler, unfortunately, was not found.

Schel and Twaxar Karkeaht were both tended by Mother of Hope who stepped forward to help those wounded in the attacks. Lilith was then taken by Schel back to the nest for healing while Twaxar made it to the Medica.

What does all this mean? More stirrings from the Reach? As far as this reporter knows, none of the establishments outside of Stormstead Village were targeted for raid.. Who is leading these raiders and where are they hiding? And of the items they steal, where is it being taken? Distributed? Who are they supplying? Something tells me we’ve not seen the last of them. Stormstead must prepare. Gather reinforcements and weaponry. Tough times are ahead.

Submitted ICLY by Anonymous Tavern Witnesses


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