Azifix Awakens!


Azifix Called Forth in Anger

Anyone who remembers the tale of Azifix and Ohm would know better than to awaken those dragons.

The crazy lady in the tunnel – I tried to tell her that.  She claimed she was the Myan.  I don’t believe her.  Clearly an impostor as I have seen the Myan.  It was back when she was first chosen.  This woman looked nothing like her.  This fake Myan acted as if she had been sampling nightcaps, liberty caps, gold caps… something like that.   Her songs and chants were the start of it. That is what drew me into the cavern.  I could hear her chanting even as I passed by the tunnel entrance on Mt. Azifix.  Crazy she might have been but there was no lack of power in her voice.

More gathered as I tried to reason with her.  Though I could not tell you who they were. None were familiar and who as time to look around when there’s a dragon waking up?  The tunnel was shaking.  Rocks were falling.  Lava was spraying.  Brainsick lady just kept on chanting. People kept filing into the tunnel ignoring all the commotion.  This was crazy like a mystfolk party.  Only mystfolk ain’t bad crazy.  Mystfolk are good crazy..

Azifix rose.  I don’t know what else happened in the tunnel as I ran out.  Azifix was the one known for the fiery temper. Ohm, she was the more sensible of the two if you ask me. But I could hear her cries from Mt. Ohm while I was still running down the mountain.

I could see and hear Azifix’ rage as he circled the mountain.  His screams and calls went on all night long.  My herd went fleeing.  Angry dragon is a vengeful and hungry thing.  But the deed has been done.  Ohm is awake too.  We could hear her cries.  She did not take to the air as far as I could tell but there was a large blackness on the top of Mt. Ohm that moved.  I did not have to see it up close to know it is her.

clovisI am a bard and what I say is true.  I saw these things.  I shall tell the tale.

— Clovis
As recorded by Blanche Greyling

Article submitted OOCLY by Blanche Fralto
Event Info:  The Rise of the Reach (The Black Sweat Event) running January 12-20, 2017

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