Festival of the Seasonal Pot Overflows!


Competitors gather for Festival of the Seasonal Pot

Was time for Festival of the Seasonal Pot! Again. Happens at the end of every season. This time, we’s celebrating last days of Hutan Awan. Any day now, them clouds gonna let up and the sun will start shining on down through. Maybe even some of this rain will let up. Me old bones is looking forward to the warmer weather too! This cold air does not do well for the joints, believe you me.

Like always, the festival starts with three competitions for fishing, hunting, and gathering. That blasted rhyming satyr, Wanton Aime (alteripseity), he leads them folk out around various locations of this valley. They cast their rods, throw them spears, and pull at bushes when he says. Whoever comes up with the biggest pile of stuff after three rounds wins.


Virlym, Fishing Champion

Fishing tourney got off to a bit of a slow start with only Juni (pneema) the pixie and Virlym (blanche.fralto) that tiefling casting their lines. They both had a bit of a fair start, but was Virlym that won in the final round, pulling out the only decently sized fish of the competition!

Things hit a bit of snag when an unexpected guest showed up. Some stranger calling himself Morthis took credit for the recent bandit raid on Stormstead. Tried to provoke the village into giving them more stuff, but that rhyming satyr wouldn’t have it! Chancellor Wanton Aime said to them, Morthis and his kind ever show up in the village again, they all gonna get arrested. Ethan Vein (edwardclawhammer) was sent to capture that strange fellow, but as all to sllow. Morthis disappeared right fast! With so few guards protecting these huts, we’ll have to wait and see how good the Chancellor makes on his promise to keep these thieves out.


Byron Risato, Hunting Champion

After fishing, everyone went off to the edge of the village to start hunting. Was Juni and Virlym again, and Ethan joined, but this time a new challenger appeared: Byron Risato (jackrockwell). Ethan and Virlym couldn’t keep up after the first round, leaving just Juni and Byron against one another! Juni maintained consistent hauls of decent sized critters, but Byron won the hunting competition due to a strong start!


Eshindow, Gathering Champion

Lastly, there was the gathering competition. And this one got the biggest group of competitors out of all of them! Juni and Byron competed again, alongside Ganis (satyrgrey) and Eshindow (darwin.lemon). Wasn’t even a close match! Eshindow, that tall pale elf, he must of tapped into his sylvan roots for he sweeped all three rounds!

As is custom for Seasonal of the Festival Pot, all things gathered, hunted, and fished were brought back to the Salty Swallow. The staff there, they chopped and cooked everything up into a BIG POT OF STEW! Mushrooms, fish, boar, fiddlehead ferns, melons, and all manner of things found this season got all mixed together. Somehow, every season, everything comes out to be just right and tasty. Don’t know how it’s down, but I reckon it’s some kinda magic. Every bowl in the house was filled up and still, there was even a bit left over.

Congratulations to Virlym (blanche.fralto), Byron Risato (jackrockwell), and Eshindow (darwin.lemon) to coming out on top as the season’s best gatherers! Will they be able to hold onto their titles next season? The next Festival of the Seasonal Pot will tell.

Submitted ICly by Pester the One Eye
Submitted OOCly by Alteripseity

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