A Warning is Given


We are the Children of the Coinpurse.  

You know our work by a large coin displaying the Mother of the Coinpurse. You know our ways as we have walked among you before in secrecy.

We answer to no one. Including that of the Reach!

We will continue to raid as we answer to no one.  Your laws do not apply.

Stormstead should show caution. We are many and you are but a few.  No harm will fall to those that cooperate. However violence will be dealt to those that attempt to deny.  And the cost to those that attempt to thwart us will be heavy!

The Jester is not of us.  You will need to take care of this problem yourselves.

You have been warned.

I am Morthis, leader of the Children of the Coinpurse

~~ We will not be denied  ~~

Submitted OOCly by Ryukizoku

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