Curious Conversations



Eyr’s had a lot of new people lately! Some are even dressed up very fancy! I had heard that


Honorable Lihen at her home garden

one of the new people was a Princess and she was visiting us for only a short time. I’ve never seen a Princess before, but Ornith knew her and was very happy to see her.

I don’t know a whole lot about these new fancy people, but I have seen them, wandering about Eyr as if they are looking for something, or someone.  When I’ve gone up to talk to them, they talk as if I’m not even there. I am a little short, so they might not see me.

One of the visitors, he looks very angry. a little like Khanya, keeps asking if the mer-folk have Honorable Lihen. I think that’s the Princess’s name.I’m not sure where they would keep her. Wouldn’t she drowned?

Another, a mystical lady keeps talking about the Children of the Coin being very focused lately. Maybe I should go see what they are up to.

A third, a very fancy, very lady-like lady doesn’t seem to like men very much. She claims they are weak. I’m not really sure what she means by that. Mahan seems pretty strong to me!

Two of them always seem to travel together, but it is odd watching them. It’s like they want to touch, but they won’t. They are close, but never too close. When you talk to them, they never seem to address each other directly. The man, he is always looking over his shoulder, watching for bandits. The lady with him seems to talk through her lantern. I can’t tell if she’s warning or threatening Ornith and Lucky, though she’s telling them to be careful.

One of the visitors rarely leaves the Salty Swallow tavern and is always talking about songbirds and spice. Is this Honorable Lihen the “little black songbird” she keeps going on about? What are sages supposed to speak about other than herbs? She confuses me.

The last one if the plainest spoken of them all, I think. He flat out said that Honroable Lihen hasn’t been seen for awhile.

Maybe I’ll go wander about and see what else I can find.

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