About The Rumour Mill

Current Rumour Mill Editor-in-Chief: Astrid de Manyet (Portia Swords) — Character = Pandora

About the Rumour Mill

The Rumour Mill is an In Character periodical source that provides the isle with news, advertisements and more. The articles are published by scroll and circulated through news stands scattered throughout the jungle; businesses and headquarters may also carry their own copies– inquire with the owner or lead!

The Rumour Mill’s Story

Before Mystara was taken back by the Mysts, a periodical named The Mystara Tribune was the main source of news for all of Mystara and had its printing press in Stromness Village. Upon settling in Eyr, a local paper was seen as a far from immediate need when immigrants were struggling to survive through naval raids, Mystfolk civil wars, and less-than-friendly natives. Once a foothold was finally made with the fishing village, intel became crucially important to keep all of the various splinter factions that uneasily coexist together informed of one another’s activities. Thus, the Rumour Mill was devised.

In times without a clear leader, unnamed commoners keep the news turning. Known as the Rumourmillers, they may also publish general articles when needed at any time.

Rumour Mill Writers

Those whose work appears in the Rumour Mill come from a variety of backgrounds: bards, butchers, blacksmiths, and more all contribute! Do you have a report to publish? A story to share? An ad to get posted? Contact the Editor-in-Chief and see your words be spread throughout Eyr! For more information on being a writer, click here.

Out of Character Information

All In Character postings involving characters owned by players other than the writer receive OoC permission before they are published. This is especially so for the gossip and rumors.

In times where there is no Rumour Mill Lead, a Mysts of Eyr Admin may be able to post your article. Please contact any that are online, and they will help you as best they can.

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