Be a Page Five Model!

Current IC Page Five Manager: TBA

Care to be Bare?
The Rumour Mill is seeking denizens of the isle to pose for this specialty column – in what their creator gave them and nothing more! These tasteful nude features aim to depict the beautiful variety of Eyr’s citizens and help neighbors learn a bit more about who they meet in the square or in the woods. All adult-aged volunteers taken– see the Page Five Manager to schedule a brief interview and painting session!

Q. I want to participate, but I don’t want to show off my avatar’s no-nos…
A. Rest assured, these tasteful nudes keep the bits covered! Additionally, images of characters posted to the Rumour Mill use art filters, and the posts themselves use page breaks so people must click through past the home page to see them. If photographers post it to their own streams (such as on FlickR), they tend to keep these set to a ‘mature’ or limited privacy setting. Be sure to reach out to the Manager and/or your photographer if you have questions!

Q. What if I want to show my avatar’s no-nos?
A. Due to Mysts of Eyr’s rules and the community nature of the Rumour Mill, we cannot allow this.

Q. I want to participate, but I’m not sure what to do for a pose!
A. Speak with the Page Five Manager- they can work with you to come up with ideas or hook you up with someone that can.

Q. Can I take my own photos?
A. Yes! You are welcome to take your own as well as apply your own ‘painting’ art filter. If possible, please upload these via the web and send us links to the image. They are, however, subject to the review of the Page Five Manager, the Editor in Chief, and the Admins. In the case a photo is not meeting our standards, we will reach out and work with you.

Q. I can’t take my own photos– who can?
A. Speak OoCly with the Page Five Manager. They’ll get you hooked up with someone that fits your schedule!

Q. I’d like to help out take photos!
A. Speak with the Page Five Manager. Be aware – especially with the nature of this work – that it is as the discretion of the Page Five Manager, the Editor in Chief, and the Admins if you are asked to help out. Also note that more than just our Page Fives need photographers– our events, activities and general RP do, too! Contact the Editor in Chief or Mysts of Eyr Event Coordinator to see if you can help out with any of these, or post your pictures to our FlickR group.

Q. Can I wear lingerie or other clothes in my pictures?
A. No. To keep things easy on models, photographers, and manager, all character depicted must be nude. Accessories like masks, veils and jewelry are acceptable.

Q. Can I pose with someone else?
A. We really only want to focus on one person modeling at a time; multiple subjects makes the artistic positioning exponentially more difficult. Only on rare occasions will exceptions be made. Please seek out the Page Five Manager for further details.

Q. What is my characters isn’t “of age?”
A. Due to Mysts of Eyr’s rules, we cannot and will not feature underage characters, be they physically, mentally or otherwise determined to be underage.

Q. My question isn’t covered here!
A. Contact the Page Five Manager– they’ll do their best to answer your question.

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